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“Obama murder” – The “sirian hero” detroned ?

Wow, sometimes I ask myself if people get rich for being ignorant.

Last year I saw all the “ashtar” posts saying ” Obama the hero” and “Obama the sirian great soul” and even some other interesting comments like “Obama is Jesus”.

If you didn’t smoke weed when you wrote this please don’t, trust me you are crazy enough.

After the “Obama trial” was approved now comes the ” Thanks for trusting me and now if you excuse me let me fuck up innocent people because I am bored, oh and bring your petrol may come handy”.

( Don’t like my post? Good thing, I don´t like liars so please leave before it gets contagious)

I never defended the “holy man” but also never insulted him (before) but after this great exmple of his honorable “heart” and a “Nobel” for killing people I have to say, it’s sad that you underestimate karma.

Oh and hats of to Mr. Putin who (as a libra what more can you expect from such a noble sign?) played his game with incredible finesse.

( We can move on to the gay rights subject in teh next chapter…)

You need to know one thing, Russia is not a country you can step on especialy when you have a man that big as a captain. 

As for Obama, puppet number 1263749500000, you don’t even get to disapoint me because you never fooled me in first place.

I like to get surprised but you really have no talent as a clown.



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