Was Solomon the King Saint Germaine ? – A tale unknown by most

” Those who seek shall find ” in the last couple of days I have noticed strongly about the importance of this quote. If you by any chance find this post be it for a particular reason or because you drop by on a regular basis know that you were guided to this post.

And this happens for a good reason, you are ready to see the big picture. The picture that most channelers and messengers will never be ready to see or find because they made one big mistake, they fell into a one sided trap.

Now the elite of the world ( I hear the common designation of “cabal” but to be franc I prefer calling it the ” Global Financial machine ” ) is very pleased to hear that these people are being trapped and behaving in one sided patters. Preachers of “unity” that have not yet understood that in order to elevate the being you need both, positive and negative poles of the battery.

A few days ago while receiving a few messages from the “universe” a very clear message came to me saying that Solomon the King was one of the incarnations of Saint Germaine. 

Now you may be curious enough to google it, I dare you. 

Why would the author of the Goetia and the Keys of Solomon, son of David of Israel be Saint Germaine in one of his dozens of lives? There is one thing “channelers” fail to remember (or maybe they are just too blinded to do so) but it is known that Saint Germaine was one of the greatest alchemists that ever existed.

Solomon was also one of the greatest alchemists, not only was he a genius but he knew how to “trap” spirits into seals and use them for his own purposes.

” The seal of Solomon ” who many see as a ring was in fact a given ability to trap energies of different polarities (lets not discuss what is “good” or “bad” unless we are convinced that we know everything).  

Solomon had two daughters and one son, one of his daughters was of mysterious origins and she was the one who carried the “seal of Solomon” upon Solomon’s death.

Now what is my point with all this?

Solomon the King = Saint Germaine = Violet Flame + Alchemy 


It’s simple. You have two options, the first one is to be part of the blinded crowd and if you are you shall go under with it. I am not saying this to scare you or to cause fear, I am stating this as a given fact. Some people can move objects with the mind and do powerful things, let’s say my soul knows things from the future, that is my little ability, not a big one, not a powerful one but definitely a very practical and handy one.

The second option is to understand that this is not a one sided game, that there will always be a elite in every single section of the universe because that is the only way to keep things in order. A person who tells you that you don’t need leaders is a self delusional and not a very humble person. We need leaders, the difference is we need leaders with good intentions and we do not have them.

There is nothing wrong with having a politically organized society as long as both the society itself and the elites work without corruption the problem is, there is no corruption free society.

I know that there is a possibility that this post will trigger attacks from the viewers but I have a good advice for you, the internet is a “free” place, I am doing my job and thinking perhaps you should start doing the same. 

” Those who seek shall find ” Image


Message received from the Council of Nine – Current situation of the ascensional process – 24/02/2013

I received this message on the 21st of this month when I was in the train, it is a short message but I was told it is not less important.

This was a personal message that I decided to share.

Before I post it I want to explain you about its context, you may judge what I am about to post but know that this will be of no relevance, you are entering this book to read it, your opinion might change yourself but not the book itself. This said there are several “Councils of Nine” being channeled, as far as I know there is a “Pleiadian” council of Nine, the Nibiruan Council, some others claim the “Sirian council of Nine”.

The Council of Nine to which I refer is the council of the beings who rule our planets, inicialy refered to the Greek Gods but they have many equivalent names and entities in other cultures. The council of Nine works as a body with several members that are identified by their lineage (one could call it bloodline but this is imprinted in the energy field of those beings not in their organic traits). The council of Nine is the home of the Ascended Masters, the Archangels and other beings who work along on several projects that not only afect our world but also other planets in our solar system (and possibly outside it).

The council of Nine is also refered to the “children on the sun” and the “rose lineage”, it is the home for the original illuminated beings (who are mistaken for the illuminati). Some of their beings are currently incarnated on Earth and carry a specific mission.

I am part of this Council of Nine and am one of their Directors working for the Violet Flame department, on Earth we are called “Masters” but the correct and apropriate name is “Director”.

I was told that two different shifts are taking place but they are happening mutualy, first one is a frequency shift, the other one a dimensional shift. I was told this can be noticed around the inner nucleous of the eart (through its magnetic field).

Gaia is shifting but not completely as this process will take place for several years, there is a place called “Domus” from where the shifts are taking place, this “Domus” is a type of “house” where the shifts are programed, developed and actioned.

I was told ascension is a program being launched and it can be re-programed or even deleted this is one of the major reasons you will not hear or find many specific explanations for this event, just like you don’t wish a hacker to fully understand a software.

There is a direct fusion from 3D to 5D and 4D is not part of this fusion.

How so? 3D is experiencing ascension and 5D is currently descending (temporarely) because humans are not able to evolve into 5D the way they were ment to, this is part of the current “Earth agenda” and the Galactics had to sacrifice a lot that was not ment to in order to keep everything in balance. For this reason 5D was “lowered” and 3D “went up” so they could meet somewere in the midle.

Now, you will think this is 4D? For what I was told 4D is the dimension who has been causing us several problems for this reason it is not part of the Human ascension process and is an isolated dimension from 3D to 5D, this is also why the dimensions are ascending and descending to compensate the loss of 4D.

Another reason why in other channelings 4D is rarely mentioned and the channelers do not receive much information about 4D. It is known to me that some “unwanted entities” come foward through this dimension and this has ben causing several attacks on our beloved co-workers.

You will probably not hear this from other channelers because this is a information the Council provides to their co-workers but I am hoping that some channelers who are still doing a clear job on this can receive similar information.

I get the idea that a large mess has happened up there and it’s not wise to search for the blame at this point but I will state this as my personal opinion, this whole “New Age Mafia” movement has corrupted the innocence of belief. You have decided tro create labels and to name yourselves Lightworkers under the veil of profit and lack of self esteem and if someone does not want to dance to your poorly composed song you point the finger at them instead of taking your time to listen, I can’t even take you serious but some people who are more sensitive do, they get hurt and feel disappointed and the biggest mistake of 2012 and the Lightworking community was to create a community in first place.

You can believe in god and never visit a church in your life, no one can judge you for your beliefs, this is a gift for you to keep and cherish.

I was also told by my guides sometime ago that the “detachment” form 3D is not what will help you ascend in fact the balance (and this is very important) between your 3D life and the 5D is the key. The happier you are with your job, your children or family, the more actively you do well and come foward with a good intention the faster your 3D will lift and the faster 5D will come down to you at the same time.

There is a time, and a place for everthing, the work, the entertainment and the spiritual connection we all have.

This being said, I wish you peace and joy.


As channeled through Amethyst :  https://thehouseofvioletflame.wordpress.com

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Free Healing sessions – Diseases and tumors –

I am currently at service with free healings if you are interested please contact me.

I am not accepting money or donations and you may only contact me if you are in pain or if you have a complicated disease to treat. I will be using the technique I recently “remembered” which includes the violet fire (not flame) to treat various diseases that also include tumors.

Disclaimer: This treatment does not replace Medical care or seeing the Doctor.

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– 2013 Update to the readers –

Since my last post much happened and like many of you I now stand on a completely different mountain. I had the most amazing experience on January 1st when I saw a group of 6 UFOS around my house at night moving around for maybe half and hour, it was amazing and I never thought I would ever see it in my life.

This happened because I was not on the computer or watching tv, I was happy to see the fireworks in our little town and felt like a child, happy, watching the lights. These ufos have been reported all around the world at the same day and also what seemed to be “orange redish orbs” around New Years eve. But the ones I saw were not orange, they were my team, comming to visit me and saying “hello”. When I started to walk away from all of it, they finaly came to remember me who I am, who we are.

Much has happened and the more I walked and saw the more I looked inside myself instead of looking outside of it, I avoid reading most channelings at this point and am inclined in doing healing work with the help of the violet flame, which I am doing without any cost and I will not accept money for it. It is one of my missions to cure and so it will be.

I feel fearless at this point, no need to add further words to it.

Every theory that has been told to me has been rejected and I told myself to start from zero, like a child would, and to look at the world with unknowing eyes, eyes that have not been condicioned or influenced to see in a certain way.

I have to say, the New Age movement has proved that it is another group inside the group, inside the group, and you can guess whose “group” originiated all of it.

I took my time to read Saint Germaines books (especially the Triangle book and the Golden Book) and the more I read the more I would understand, that to understand the books, the words and the meaning instrinsic to them, is not always a simple task, there is also a very obscure side to it which I am still researching. I think that this particular saint has become a “fashion Saint”,  but the history of saint germaine and his research are not for “children” to understand. In my opinion, Saint Germaine whom I respect and am interested in understanding is a very complex character and I will keep researching.

So now, where am I? I cannot answer you that question but I can tell you where I am not.

I am not in fairytale land, I am not in New Age land, I am not reading what others post or repeating what they say.

I took my time to be free, free from answering questions but rather to ask them myself.

To me ascension, is the waking up of the mind and heart, it is not about love and light but about the true meaning behind, Truth and Morals / Values. Because to love is to be honest, to respect and to trust, and light is nothing more than the absence of negative intentions, the intention to do well and to be good.

To me ascension means people will question what they read, who they are, people will understand they no longer need groups to fit in or to visit church to respect god, god is in your intentions, and inside yourself. The will to connect to god is the connection itself.

I wish all of you a happy 2013, with health and luck.


A very strong message this is.

Sirian Heaven

God said:

You are the child you give birth to, you understand. What is your whole life but your birthing? You create your own debut.

When a baby is born, everyone coos and wonders what the boy or girl will grown up to be. How will this baby turn out?

You, beloveds, are your own destiny. You create yourself along the way. You have choices, and you make them, and so you create yourself, this evidence of yourself. You are not choiceless.

Certainly, you may consider yourself a victim of circumstance. Circumstances may have been difficult, yet you are at your own helm.

You may feel that, as a child, you really had no say. What say you now? You can be what you want to be.

You may not have the career you would really like or the marriage or the children or no children or money or no…

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– AA Michael on Ascension’s upcoming Portals and Decree for Gaia ~ channeled through Amethyst

Hello dear ones, our eyes are on your beloved Gaia.

There is a deep need for understanding at this point and the following 4 portals that will open before your eyes will be about the concept of understanding, understanding yourself and others. The Portal of 3-12-12 will be connected to the need for you to walk in the shoes of others, you have spent your time analyzing yourself now it is time to dedicate your attention to the other, your brothers and sisters, your family, those you love and those yet unknown. The word for this portal is connection, to feel the other, to receive the communication among you, to enhance this communication and to support and cherish it. There will be energies coming in that will be there to aid you during this communication, both is the physical and spiritual sense, as they will be reacting directly on your throat and third eye chakra, being the last portal responsible for your crown chakra and your connection to all that is.

So on the 3-12-12 and in the days that follow you will learn how to communicate, important information may come to your awareness on this day, information that will aid you in the subject of communicating with the ethereal world and with your dear ones,  on the 12-12-12 this communication will be more evident and you can make use of the skills you now learned previously until 3-12 to use your third eye with more intensity and materialize this communication until the next Portal, this 12-12 Portal is very important to enhance the practice of this communication and finally after communicating on 21-12-12 you will be able to reunite with all that is and start the major event of your so called “ascension”. The outcome of this day is alone in your hands, what you have fought for will be revealed; it is the mirror of all that you are, all that you became. For those who have chosen not to ascend the doors will remain open and you are free to enter them when you are reconnected with your higher self. There will also be a last Portal for the year 2012 on 30-12-12 that will help to assimilate the energies from 21-12-12 and will be the date of Ascension for some of you. Know that the change has begun but there is still much on the way of becoming, and change takes time to bloom and to be perceived and understood. You are so used to the sun and the moon that introducing a new truth in your reality is not always an easy task and we have to consider that knowledge needs time and and a healthy mind and body to be completely implemented and established.

You have been brave and working hard for this and we advise you to rest and to ground yourself because your Earthly connection is as important as the connection to higher realms, all is a question and an answer to Balance.

Now for a close look at the Portals:





When all numbers are added together you get the number 9 as a result. Also the distance between the Portals is of exact 9 days. What does this mean? The number 9 is a Master number and represents the Ascended Masters and all those who have 9 as their personal number. 9 is also the number of Mediums and those who have visions. This means that these portals are directly associated to the Ascended Masters that are now incarnated and will prepare the Portal opening as well as the necessary steps to make these energies reach you, this can only happen if the energies are renewed and transmuted.

For the next Portals the use of the violet flame is very important, we ask you to open your hearts and to assist Gaia during this process, we ask you to incorporate the violet flame and to project it around Gaia’s grid, to imagine the Portals and to send them this violet flame. In doing so you are cleansing your dear ones and helping them assimilate the Portals energy and are also allowing this energy to flow naturally like fluent water on it’s way to those that drink from it.

To do so you can use this Decree that has been specially given for the associated Portal events:

 I AM a being of the violet flame, I AM the purity god desires

I AM the healing of Gaia, I AM the veins of Love

The violet flame now heals all wounds , brings forth the Light of Gaia,

The flame of seven now reunites to irradiate all souls in its fire.

So it is my desire, and so it is.

 The 21-12-12 Portal represents the union of all sacred rays but the spot light of this event is both the white ray and the yellow ray. The Portals before will have enormous cleansing of the violet flame and the pink flame of love, they are the “preparer” rays.

Dear AA Gabriel along with Sananda will hold the holy flag for all of you during this day, as it is their specific mission to do so, the white light of Christ consciousness will expand to your awareness and expand this awareness  for you therefore it has multiple functions. Once the date is arriving, relax and release your worries, the more relaxed and in balance you remain the easier it will be for your body to assimilate these energies, we are doing all that is in our heart to aid you and to make this Portal as smooth as possible, as always.

In love I come  forth to you,

I AM Archangel Michael.

             Image taken from: http://masiani.deviantart.com/art/ARCHANGEL-MICHAEL-32267777

As channeled through Amethyst :  https://thehouseofvioletflame.wordpress.com

Copyright  © Amethyst. WordPress: https://thehouseofvioletflame.wordpress.com  All rights reserved.  You may copy and distribute this material as long as you do not alter it in any way, the content remains complete and you include this copyright notice.

– “Dreams should have cheatcodes” – Message from Angel Arrianna –

– “Dreams should have cheatcodes” – Message from Angel Arrianna –

So on a very lovely day of rain and cold wind I was sitting down on my chair and thinking about a phrase a very dear friend of mine told me just yesterday , “Dreams should have cheatcodes”.

We were talking about why we can remember so little about our dreams and why it is so hard, sometimes to access information because “our friends up there” are great guardians of silence in doing so.

I figured out this sentence was not only there to make me think but also to channel about it, so I sat down in peace and asked Angel Arrianna who is her higher self to come forth. At first I didn’t get anything so I figured out that music would make it easier to call her, and there we go!

“Dear one, it is so joyous to see you my sister, time is running so fast now, feels like water running through our hands. Yes, I heard you calling out for me, I love you and I love your Earth, Gaia is making so much progress, souls are finally opening up to so much that has been invisible, you all are doing so much for Gaias grid, nothing new to you is it? (Smiles) So you asked me sister, about the meaning of dreams “cheat codes” and you may now know this but there is a hidden truth in this. What does this mean?

Every time you dream you will notice some of your dreams are repeating, why is this happening? Because “they” are trying to help you with showing important parts of it, it is like playing a CD several times so that you can remember the lyrics the next day.

While doing this you still find yourself waking up the next morning and remembering nothing is it? Well here comes the “cheat code” before you go to bed and hopefully embrace a positive dream you need to relax before it and write down on a paper “I want to remember my dream” it is not enough to “think” it but you have to “visualize” it in front of you, if you look at the the words and read them, then state them out loud several times and entirely focus on them so that the words will activate the “cheat code” later on and when you are heading for the “it” moment you will have high probability of remembering what needs to come to you at that precise moment. Quite  simple ?

Me: “Sounds simple yes so just thinking about this is not enough but writing it down and visualizing the words is the trick?”

Arrianna: Yes, that is correct, it is the same process of looking into a mirror and seeing yourself, you can only see yourself and know how you look (therefore remember how you look) if you see yourself in first place, thoughts are powerful but visualization is the factor that triggers thoughts.

Me: Ok sounds logical to me so is there something else I can visualize if I want to remember my dreams?

Arrianna: Yes, the same way words work also sounds work and images, the important point is to materialize them, if they materialize they gain life, if they are only in your mind but you don’t allow them to move freely you are taking part of their efficiency away.

Me: Okay, is there any image you could help me channel that helps with this? And what about any stone crystal that helps with remembering dreams?

Arrianna: Azurite and all stones that enhance communication, because this is of great importance, in order to understand yourself and to remember, you need to communicate with yourself first. To answer your first question grab a piece of paper and let me help you, but stay in a calm state okay?

Me: Okay. Got it, looks like the third eye chakra? Is it related?

Arrianna: Do I need to answer that? (Smiles) Now, you can use this image and put focus on it for a few minutes, and then you can put your crystal inside the center, put your left hand above it and state that it is your intention to remember your dream.

Me: Okay, anything else you want to say?

Arrianna: It will be fine for now, send your friend my love and know she is loved by all of us and tell her to cheer up. Saint Germain also says if she needs anything let him know. Ascension will have a strong begin shortly and we are eager to watch over your steps and help as much as we can.

 As channeled through: Amethyst Sun

 Blog: https://thehouseofvioletflame.wordpress.com

– A Message from Pleiadian Ambassador Christine For 12-12-’12 –

Hi Everyone,

It has been an intense month and I feel that we are all being prepared energetically to receive the 12/12/12 energies this month. The Pleiadians have given me some very specific information to assist each one of you in being able to consciously receive the powerful Illumination Waves coming at that time.

My message is longer than usual and it feels very important to share with each one of you. I’ve also included some questions that have come from circles which I feel are relevant. The Pleiadians are saying there will be a series of Illumination Waves coming onto the planet on 12/12/12. They are asking you to open up to new alliances with pre-agreements that you made before you came onto this earth plane. In order for you to be able to fully take in the energies of the Illumination Waves that will be coming onto the planet on 12/12/12, you need to open up and create new energetic alliances for yourself..

Be aware that the waves will be at their strongest at one minute past midnight until six a.m. on the 12th of December.

They will begin to expand again from 12 noon until 3 p.m. on that day. From 12/12/12 and onwards in your life, you have made a series of pre-agreements to have energetic support. Whether you remember it or not is irrelevant. Now it is up to you to activate these pre-agreements. The activation must come from you and not from the other side. You need to give your permission and activate your pre-agreements by opening up to whatever energies are there for you. You don’t need to know which ones. You just need to give your permission for the activation.

Open up to these energetic alliances on the day before 12/12/12. It is irrelevant that your ego mind may not understand or know which energetic alliances you are calling forward. You only need to understand that these pre-agreements are something that you have made for yourself to support you now. So do not let your ego mind say: ‘Well, I’m not sure who I’m calling forward so I am not going to activate any of my pre-agreements’ You don’t want to go there. The energies must come from you. The same goes on 12/12/12. You need to open up consciously, through conscious choice to call in the Illumination Waves. The energies that will come through those Illumination Waves will align you and birth you into a new aspect of yourself. The Illumination Waves are designed to activate another level of the crystalline structure in the cells of your body.

This crystalline structure once activated will be able to then house another level of your own divine light in your physical body. It will transform your body electrically so you will be able to take in and hold a lot more of your own divine light in your cells. This is a revolutionary time for us as human beings and at the moment a lot of our divine light is housed outside of our physical form. With the system we have in place right now, we are unable to carry that light. With the activation of the crystalline structure, you are going to be able to take in and house much more of your own divine light on 12/12/12. The Illumination Waves are designed to bring you into yourself and redesign your system. Another aspect of the crystalline structure is that activation will more accurately reopen your telepathic communion center.

The energy of 12/12/12 holds a sacred energy of communion with the energies, with the Universe. It opens up that sacred communion possibility for each one of us. To come into new understandings, new knowledge – there is nothing new – but receiving the knowledge and ancient teachings that are a part of truth and integrity. On that day, your cells align to a new level of truth and integrity, allowing you to continue your path forward from that time in a new way; understanding that the whole planet will go through an energetic transformation on that day.

You might say ‘why all of a sudden?’ It’s not all of a sudden! Things have been put in place for some time now for this happening to occur. The crop circles will be moving into a new birthing of themselves, coming into their fullness for the first time since being on this planet. They will be working in alignment with all the megaliths sites; the sacred sites on the planet. There will be sacred webbing between the megaliths sites and the crop circles, covering the planet and creating a series of ley lines. We need to become part of that sacred webbing on that day.

There is an opening of portals on that day and each one of you have the ability to become part of that sacred webbing. This sacred webbing that is going to birth around the earth plane is part of the really strong transformation of our planet, of consciousness. Those who choose to align to that sacred webbing on that day will have an automatic connection of telepathic communion with each other. You don’t need to understand so much as be willing to be a part of what you have said ‘yes’ to already. It’s really about showing up for your appointment and taking your place within what the Pleiadians are calling ‘the grand plan.’ By opening up your pre-agreement alliances the day before, those energies will support you and show you the way and assist you in that process the next day. You move back to taking your place with the energetic alliances that you have said ‘yes’ to, enabling you to work with on that day and from that time onwards.

We have 12/21/12 as well. Nine days later, where another level of energy is going to come onto the planet for those who have worked with the Illumination Waves on 12/12/12. This day is another strong time to open and receive and allow another level of your crystalline structure to be activated. You will go through another level of transformation of an electrical energy activating through the body, being able to receive another level of your divine light and have it housed in the cells of your body. On that day, the portals will open again and the sacred webbing around the earth will open up and you will rejoin the sacred webbing on another level. On 12/12/12 understand that coming together in groups will be very supportive.

There is a very important need for those of us who are awake, to come together to anchor and expand who we are at this time. It is important to come together in groups of like-minded people; those who are awake. All people from all paths – there is no separation. People who are not on the path, after this date will there be a separation from them? No, absolutely not. The fact is that we have all pre-agreed to awake early, to hold open a pathway for others to follow. If anything we will be more connected. We may not be connected to those who are abusive, controlling, connected to violence, for example. However, we will continue to be connecting with regular people who have good hearts but are not awake. I live in an apartment? Can I set this all up to do alone for 12/12/12? Yes, of course. Will working with the ‘letting go’ energy be supportive on that day?

Yes, remember it is through the letting go energy that you move into your realignments. The letting go energy allows you to leave the 3rd dimensional energy that you are holding, allowing that to drop away in a moment and in that moment realignment can occur. In that one moment when you choose to let go of everything from this earth plane it becomes a very powerful and empowering moment of realignment. It only takes one moment of time for the all the cells to move into a new level of alignment and remembering. The ‘letting go’ energy holds an alignment energy that will assist you with the Illumination Waves on 12/12/12.

You also want to be opening to a receiving energy. It’s very important to allow yourself to consciously open to receive the Illumination Waves. It would support you to do a vortex of 3 candles with a crystal in the center, which will attract and support the Illumination Waves coming in so the Illumination Waves have an avenue to come through, an energetic structure. Or anything else you feel called to do in setting up a pattern of crystals would be supportive. I would do all of this the day before. To sit and open to your energetic alliances and feel out what you need to do to create for yourself to receive those Illumination Waves and allow the energetic alliances to support you and show you what is best for you.

Build something for yourself either as a group or an individual but have it done the day before and feel out the energy and make the adjustments.

The more committed you are the more those Illumination Waves will work with you. It’s part of you consciously choosing to receive. If you have a group of people, you might want to set a circle around that vortex as part of the format, part of the ritual or structure. You have some time to think about it and feel out what will work and what feels good.

You may want to have cushions spread out on the floor as an option to lie down because the energies will be strong and you may need to integrate and receive them and then maybe go out to the sky, to the galactic energy and lie on the earth and open to the energies of the stars during that time in the night. Be creative. Feel what is right for you inside. The natural forces are committed to working with you as well. They have a strong energy to support you in the integration of the Illumination Waves on the planet.

Would it be supportive to go to a sacred place? The Pleiadians are saying that every place on the earth plane will be sacred on that day. The entire earth becomes a sacred place.

So be it. Have an empowering and powerful 12/12/12.

With love and blessings, Christine




Sirian Heaven

My beloved, I am so excited about your success with the recent global meditations on the portal openings. You worked so beautifully and anchored even more light on the earth. Gaia shines in her almost original splendor in your solar system and still very much further. Her transformation from a planet to a star is almost complete. Please do not weaken now, so difficult it is for you after this yet so busy and demanding year.

My beloved Lightbearers, Star Seeds and incarnated Masters and Archangels, you all have done a great job and there are only a short four weeks in your calendar up to the big event. You are tired and worn out, I know that very well, because I know how my beloved incarnation feels with each passing day more, she spends among you. She has prepared herself for thousands of years on this life with you…

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