Kartenlegen Wien – How the tarot is reviving in Europe

People tend to have different opinions when it comes to divinatory arts, I like to call them that because it makes sense that something so intuitive would be considered an art (and we all know it will never be accepted as a science, for obvious reasons) either they approach the cause with scepticism and criticize upfront or they embrace it with an open vision. Divinatory arts are part of the oldest professions or earth, and although many  people do not know this, part of important political decisions in past centuries where made under the power and advice of influent fortune-tellers.

One of the most iconic cases in known was Madame Lenormand in the XVIII century who assisted the well known french King Napoleon Bonaparte in his decisions ( which ranged from finances, to decisions regarding wars but also on other subjects). She was also known to give advice to other monarchs at the time including those from Russia and Germany.

Years passed by and fortune-tellers became more and more associated with negative behaviour and judgement, mostly because not all of them were professionals and not every person has the most noble intentions. Some saw an opportunity to scam people who were in deeply trobled and had ulterior motives to do so, just like some doctors may save a life for money and some lawyers represent murderers for cash, there is an ethical element in all professions but the practitioner itself is in charge of either respecting these ethical and moral lines or to abuse them and therefore denigrate the image of an activity making it lose its credibility.

Nowadays professionals and those who do it as a hobby all over the world are trying to revive tarot and fortune-telling by providing courses, readings and additional worldwide acknowledged methods such as Reiki or Yoga in order to re-establish its credibility and a positive feeling towards these “arts”.

One major example was the creation of “Kartenlegen Wien” a small business in Vienna owned by a woman who is now reading the tarot for over 11 years and represents the 4th generation of fortune-tellers in her family. This is also serving as an example to understand that there are deep connections involving fortune-telling that can survive through many years.

She believes that the world is changing and that people are looking more into connecting with their spiritual sides, with their higher-self and with inner balance. Routine, too much daily stress and 24/7 jobs have created the need to explore other opportunities and the chance for people to find new perspectives in their lives.

The tarot cards are picked by her clients, she says this shows them directly that they already hold  advice inside themselves and that the cards are nothing more than tools to materialize this “inner advice”. This means they are in charge and allow her to pick up what lays inside of them.

Since then, Kartenlegen Wien has had tremendous success and attracted clients from all over the globe, it has changed people’s perspectives on divinatory arts.

“If we allow ourselves to remove our own limitations, we will see things we could never imagine before”.


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