How to change the Future? An in depht guide to manifestation and some bizarre tips along your way.

How to change the future ?

Is a question not everyone will ask because probably most people do not even consider that the future can be shaped.

So why am I adressing this issue and why am I doing this right NOW?

First of all I do not want to be the person reminding you that “hard times” may come, I have seen way too many posts talking about how hard life will get and how hard you will have to meditate and do all those fancy “elevated” things to get yourself out of the dirt. If you take a while to snap out of it you will see that this negativity is capable of influencing you (and everyone else) and that in a way it can get contagious.

We do not want this to hapen so lets move on.

I want to encourage my readers to not think about the Future in a negative way EVEN if you got told my some amazing highly spiritual high on weed monk or by something else, what you feel and think you will become this is why you HAVE to avoid giving in to fear.

I am also not telling you to believe that only good things will come your way, but here is the thing, as long as you remain in a calm, assertive state of mind (does this sound familiar?) your energy will remain neutral, and neutral is what you want to achieve in order to go for the next step.

Most people do not realize that being in a calm state of mind, as simple as it is, is the key to elevation and to finding the door you have been looking for all this time. Now I am not saying you should be passively waiting for things to hapen, you are a shaper and a creator too after all, I am inviting you to a new state of mind, a balanced one.

If you are familiar with the “Dog whisperer” Cesar Millan you will know that when it comes to dogs the energy of the owner will influence the state of mind and the balance of the pack. Now I know you will ask ” What does this have to do with spirituality and changing the future?” let me answer in the next line;

I have never learned as much about correcting my own issues as by watching this TV show, to me what Cesar says to the dog owners and the way he corrects the dogs, is after all the same way you can correct a human being.

By being calm and assertive you achieve balance. By leading and being secure and not insecure, you will be able to shape yourself and others, you will create trust and balance.

I have read many books about Psychology most of them as bad as a class B Horror Movie, all along their complicated “guidelines” where the human is always the center of the universe, then I watch Cesar say simple things and by applying them they work almost in a magical way! Let me just add this (for your better understanding) I work as a dogsitter and partially begun to train dogs myself, and by controlling my state of mind ( which normally is a very nervous and anxious one) and seeing the results on the animals I motivated myself not only to train the animals….but to train myself.

And when I realized something so simple its almost stupid I asked myself, maybe Cesar trains people after all and reabilitates animals, the point here is, the link you create with another being (person, animal or plant) imediately starts producing effects.

So if you want to learn how to become a more balanced and enlightened person, here is my very unique advice, forget about meditation and 4 hours of making handstands while you chant some crap you dont even know the meaning…. Watch that TV show and you will learn so much about yourself, it is insane.

Was this bizarre enough? It still is my vision on Human psychology though, and this comes from a person that had Psychology as a main subject for many years even in college.

Now lets move on to the next step. Once you achieved this calm state of mind you will tipically get signs of what may hapen in the future, either a feeling, a prediction, a call or something else.

Fear will be your primary reaction to it, and by being in this state of fear you will obviously put yourself into a “snowball” state in which negative things produced by your own fears and anxiety will start to occur,and one situation will then feed the other.

You will say ” They were right all those bad things happened” but here is the thing, by being in fear you SIGNED for it from the very begining!

By being in fear you told them ” Yes come after me with all your vodoo and haunt me as much as you wish, I am afraid anyway so what can I do?”

And that is when you step into the Trap, congratulations, you made it so easy I bet the long bearded gods are up there either big time facepalming or eating their popcorn.

We do not want this to hapen. So now what you can do is forget what you just read (yes I am serious) and transport yourself to a new, balanced state of mind, after all you are siting comfortably on your chair and nothing bad happened, so take a chill pill and keep reading, the worst part is over, do not be afraid.

You have to stand up and state what you want to the universe, bold and full of passion, and the universe will never be able to negate your will.

” Well that is a pretty bold claim” you will say, I never said it wasnt, but this does not change the effectiveness of it.

” Why would it work?” or ” Why should it work as simple as that?”.



Let me tell you something, these questions are a product of a very well executed social conditioning you have received since a very young and fragile age. People tell you to disconnect to the higher realms as a child and when you eventually return as an adult and try to find your way back through following groups and doing strange complicated rituals ( becoming once again the same old sheep god probably does not find amusing at all) you completely miss the point, and that dear reader, is exactely what society loves about you, that you are so easy to fool it becomes boring after a while.


Well, Fuck them.

The last time I listened to some pre(badly)programmed victim and got told I should finish my college and send my applications to make money, things got pretty ugly, back then I sent over 200 CV’s (applications) and guess what, despite of having knowledge in the law area and being fairly good at it NO ONE wanted to work with me.

At first I thought maybe I wasnt good enough for the job, I got frustrated, but a few months later ( and yes stupid me for taking so long to understand duh) I understood that this was not the way for me.

I am not an A to Z person, but made of my own letters and collors, and so are you.

I decided to go into ” I dont give a shit” mode and do my own thing and in 1 month and a half I started making over 1000$ with 5 hours work a day, not bad for a student.

The point is, I was not being calm and assertive but in an anxious unatural state of mind which complicated my life’s situation.

The trick is to WISH exactely what you want to wish, to BE exactely who you want to be, and to DO exactely what you want to do. And if this means repairing cars or cleaning toilets, selling pizzas or being a gardener, do not be afraid because the only way you can swim among the river of life is swimming at your own rythm and sound.

To swim you have to lose fear of the water, and if people tell you swimming is dangerous (because well…they cant do it themselves) you, and only you can be the one to know if you can or can not swim aswell.

People do not realize (mostly out of ignorance) that by reflecting their own fears on others they might produce fears in them they didnt even know existed in the first place!

I can give you a spectacular example when I was heavily medicated on interferon (a subcutaneous drug for blood cancers) and suddenly started to fear forks just because one day I looked at one and my mind must have decided that forks…are the devil.



And the way it scared the crap out of me

Imagine your whole life living without even thinking about forks and sudenly a tool used to eat food turns into the antichrist just because for a split second and due to a heavy medication something triggered this absolutely ridiculous yet dangerous response (you are allowed to laugh by the way I am doing this myself, fear of forks …….. what the fuck?)

Now switching back to the plan here, to change the future, and I am convinced you are able to perform this as you are a creator yourself, all you have to do is state it clearly to the universe, angels, gods, god, ascended Masters, your dead grandmother….etc….while being in a calm and assertive state of mind, with no fear, no agendas, no second thoughts, by just keeping it simple.

Life is as simple as you make it and as complicated as you want it to be, even if problems arrise it is up to you to identify as what they are, probably lessons, tests, or stages of your life, but THAT is it.

Nothing more, nothing less, do not see in every little detail the universe sends you an insult, it will become one if you are considering it one from the start.

When you do this, and wish something from the heart and with a clear intention and a calm and assertive state of mind, imagine the universe is a person just like you, and let them feel / understand that you want your future to look like THIS.

You want it and there is no way it will be any other way (ofc you will want to stay reasonable and not ask them to grow you wings….unless they troll you back and send you an airplane! Yes the universe too has a very own and golden sense of humour).

Once you ask for it, once you want it and let them clearly know that it can only happen the way you want it to be, there is no turning back for them (as long as you hold tight to your belief and do NOT doubt it) remember when you doubt something you are blocking the communication to the universe and even if it tries to manifest for you, you will not get the message because you are unable to receive it…It is like someone was sending you a gift and knocking at your door but because you think it could never be a gift you never open the door. With all due respect, if the “universal” postman does this a trillion times and you still dont answer….well, shit I guess.

Remember it is up to you to controll your state of mind, everything else will follow.

Now lets come to the final step ( I am already talking to much in this post, sorry!) once you did all this and stated clearly what you want you will just drop it. What? You will drop it and not think about what you just did, pretend it didnt even hapen.

Why? Because by thinking about it you might 1) Doubt it even if for a second and if you are unlucky it will be the seconds the “universal postman” knocked at your door and 2) You will get anxious = Fear ( I guess we talked about this one before didn’t we?)

So all this reverts again to the golden rule, ” Calm and assertive”.

Become this state of mind, try it out on a daily base, when you go for a walk or someone is annoying you in a cue, or being a bully at the grocery store, try putting it into action and see what results you get.

Even if you think some people will never react well to it because they are ” bad ” after all, trust me, if you are calm and assertive even if it takes longer and many repetitions, there is no possible way this person will not pick up the energy you ARE.

How to change the future, is in your hands, as a creator there are infinite possibilities, its never to soon to start and never too late.




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  1. This is such a great blog! I love the title, and would like to know if you’d allow me to write a blog with the same title …

    The trick is, how can I write differently?

    I have just been working on a somewhat similar post, about the value of letting go.

    Very good perspective and advice. Fun humor.

    I look forward to more from you.

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