September shift | The truth about your creator path and how to pass the Test without doubt

To all my readers, I want to appologize for not being around so often but I think we all have some clearing to do and so I took my time to gather all the information I am about to share. Contrary to most channelers what I will share is the opposite of what you have been reading, not because I want to be the rebel light worker in this community but because I sincerely feel (know) that this time will be a tricky quest for all of us and because I am privileged enough to be in a position where I see things from another view, this does not mean others are wrong, this only means they will create the reality they accept as possible.

Why do you think all the past months we have been told several times over and over again that we are “creators”? This was not ment for us to sit down now and wait for fate to strike our way, if you think that the path of lesser resistance will help than it is without any doubts your choice, but while taking my seat in Telos I dare to say that this is exactely what they expect from your 4D self which has not yet setled into 5D.

You are being babysited by them and allowing them to parent you while not understanding that now it is time to start walking on your own.

You see, at this moment there is chaos up there with several matters, truth is even the masters do not know what is going on on a complete level and this is by no means normal to say the least, I can not go into details with this because I also am not fully aware of the situation what I can say is that there are “gate” problems, whatever that means (maybe someone knows?) is up to your interpretation,  what this means is that there is in fact a lack of controll at this moment mainly because we are attempting to move out of 3D while the collective is clinging on to it and the dimensions above us can only progress if we move up the leader, you see when you channel the typical ” we are all connected” this is what they mean! This means, dear readers, that if we do not suceed in ascending (which is possible because nothing is written in stone and will never be, understand this) they will not ascend as a consequence. So this answers a few questions, why do you think they are so focused in “helping” us ascend? Yes many of them will take action out of compassion and because they are indeed our family but others need this shift as much as we do, and lets face it, we have been a very negative and lazy race.

This whole enlightement-human subject HAS to stop. I will tell you (make you feel) why. We are humans, we have been programmed and engineered to be here and to take action, but it was never our purpose to think that we are above other races, that we are the big deal, the enlightened saviours of the planet, fact is we ruined this planet, fact is while I am writing this, our planet will keep being hurt, you are part of this, and I am part of this, all are. 

When you understand how small you really are, and still apreciate that even by being so small you CAN take action and can make a change you will release your true masteries and potential. No, it is not about meditation, eating only vegetables or being nicer than you used to that you will understand the meaning of the particle you represent, or your true essence, but by letting go of the dogmas, and most importantly, by starting to become Real.

The word “real” also means “royal” in several languages, maybe this will give you a hint on how true royaly of the soul is represented and thus, achieved.

But this is a subject for another post, I want to make you see the whole story from another perspective. If you are going under in a sea, and they tell you “stop it, it is useless just let go” because the sea became too complicated for you to swim, you might think that by stopping to swim it will get better, that you might almost drown but find a tree to grab on, let me tell you a secret, right now, there are no trees. Right now it is either understand the Test or do not understand the Test.

Only when you are at your limit, and yes sometimes near to insanity and feeling exausted, frustrated and at the end, only when you genuinely say ” I am here and I stand my ground, keep doing this I will not back away” they will come for you. You see they are not interested anymore in all this passive “love” and ” false faith” they are looking for the Real ones, the royal.

They are looking for pure energy that is imune to fear and control by the illusion, there are no limits, walls or lines that are eternaly set, this is all just to put you in your little dog, to put the leash on you like a box and make you walk acording to their rythm.


They will keep telling you that you will never make it, so you better just let it be, do you know who says that? Energies who are afraid of your light, they know your potential and they want you by no means to use it. So are you saying they want me to fail? I ask you this simple question, when us humans use rats in lab experiments, do we want them to win or lose, to succeed or fail? Most of us do not want either, we want to Test. And this is what all is about, an experiment. They want to see how far you will go for something you love even when they tell you to remove your hands from it. 

You are the only one who know what is the best for you. Furthermore many of you, including myself have been warned about negative outcomes of the future, why would they warn you of something negative? Why do you tell a friend to be careful because it might rain? Simple, because you want your friend to take an umbrella. 

Understand the deeper meaning of this, they do not want us to fail, and they do not want us to accept everything the way it is either, they are Testing all of us in the most crude and irritating way,and yes it will frustrate you, and me, and many others, but here is the thing, the way you behave now will influence the FUTURE.

So if you sit waiting for the roof to fall on your head, the roof will fall on your head. If you move away from it it will most likely not hit you. 

So chose wisely if you want to be a puppet or if you want to listen to what they have been preaching you, that we are all connected and that we are creators. Remember when you were at school and the teacher would tell you over and over again that negative and positive are negative? And you went to the test and almost all questions were about that subject?

Where you listening or asleep in classes? Ask yourself.

Being a creator means, at times, that you will modify timelines because this is your desire, and here is the interesting part, what better way for you to do that than putting you into situations that will force you? Ask yourself wy they are doing all this? Ask yourself why they told you so much about Alchemy, mastery and creation, and now out of the blue everything seems to be crashing? Maybe because they want you to get on your feet and do it. Remember nothing is written in stone it is up to you to understand this through feeling it.

If you have the slightest doubt, you are blocking your own path to its potential. Understand this and understand the meaning of the word “capacity”.

I want to let you know that untill December when the 2 year cicle will complete everything will be a mess, I can not calm you down and say it will get better because I would be telling a lie however I can say this, right now it is very easy to fail the test, you are being convinced into doing so, but the decision is yours, not mine, not of any other channeler or figure, it is in your hands. Make the best out of it for your very own sake and happiness and fight for what you love and believe in, do not let the illusion come close to you and tell you to surrender, we have plenty of time, also remember, we will be updated soon and know more, this is unfortunatelly a very passive time and we will have to wait, but once you climbed the mountain you WILL see the other side, no mountain is infinite even if it seems so, and you will get there if you just keep walking.

Do not let the cold distract you, don’t make it that easy for them.

Understand the test and do not let words confuse you, your soul KNOWS this it just needs to remember.

Ask for guidance on your path even if you find it hard to connect right now, no spirit will refuse a wish that is pure at heart.

While I am writting this I see the screen pink and my forhead is vibrating in a very amusing way so I asume our friends are letting me know this will help some of you out there!

And up we go on the ship, and up to sail those waves, do not despair because as long as there is life, there is hope.


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