~ 05/02/2014 ~ Channeled message from ascended master Lady Mercedes ” Remember who you were before they told you what to be” ~ WAKE UP

Note to the readers: Before I start this post (which is a mix of channeled information along with a few opinions) I want to apologize to my readers.

As you can see in some of my previous posts I got taken away by anger a few times, contrary to common belief I don’t hide anger (fear) but have learned to let it kill me.

You see, when you love something, allow it to blow your ego away. It might give you the illusion of “pain” at the start, but there is no such thing as pain, or fear, anger. Its part of the programming we received since we arrived on Earth. The programming of ” win and lose” or “right or wrong” the evil and the “hero”. They told you how to dress, how to hold the fork correctly, how to be polite . They told you to fit in a certain box and you worked your whole life to fit in that precise box, you worked so much that you would never consider to switch it for something else because you molded yourself to fit in so much that you no longer thought of the 1% chance you could be in the “wrong” box.

About a year and a half ago I was angry. I was angry at ” Love and Light” for being misused. I was angry at all the people trying to control what light and darkness means. Why judge? Why point the finger? Why not simply let go, accept, love, let live, smile, be free.

Little did I know they were in fear, just like I was. So was doing nothing more than judging myself. And they were judging themselves as well.

But as the days went by, the energy of my cosmic sisters, of my HS, guides, the archangels, and for sure of the violet Flame and its Masters came through so strongly that it had no chance to keep growing.

It was replaced with a feeling of genuine balance, harmony and contentment. Each and every moment started to make perfect sense. The light was not deniable, any longer.

Starting 2014 everything changed and is still changing, its all a little overwhelming but I accept the divine plan for what it is.





  ~ 05/02/2014 ~  Channeled message from ascended master Lady Mercedes ” Remember who you were before they told you what to be” ~ WAKE UP ~

There is a right time for each and every one of you, dear ones. If you do not understand (yet) time will tell you nothing more than your own story, you see, right now the cosmos is peeling of the layers around your “core soul”. You may not notice this (yet) bu in your subconscious everything is being prepared, you may imagine this like looking at the tip of an iceberg, there is an amazing space behind the visible part, yet to become visible when the apples are red and ready to be picked.

As manu of the violet flame and your mother I am here to assist you in awakening through the transmuting loving violet fire and the violet flame (not to be confused as the same thing but one day I shall explain this subject further).

You see your bodies have been programmed under the sign of divine alchemy. Each and every element you notice (consciously or subconsciously) will activate little by little your Higher Self connection which then will activate twin flame fire.

Perhaps at this point you will be reading this channeled message and think, that what is written does not apply to you, but if you found this message let me tell you, dear ones, it will.

Give it time, let time become you.

The closer you come to your higher self the faster this evolution will take place. You will experience enormous changes, some of you will change to 180 degrees and many will look back at you and recognize you, no longer. Do you know what ascension means? What the 5th dimension represents? Here are the traits of the new you;

  •  Letting go of ego.
  •  Developing younger skin, vibrant eyes, diseases will come in stronger and after be partially or completely removed.
  •  DNA (Light Body) transformation
  • Returning of memories, images and melodies
  • Returning of vivid dreams
  • Sensation of floating or of someone ” pushing and pulling” your body
  • Changes in habits / work or partners
  • Renewal in social circles
  • suddenly facing fear (Stages of fear)
  • I) Facing Fear
  • II) Letting Fear embrace you
  • III) Fear no longer has an effect and is released
  • IV) Letting permanently go and follow your heart space permanently (intuition)
  • Sudden following of intuition without seeking for further explanations
  • Sudden trust in the universe
  • Acceptance of the Divine Plan
  • Seeking truth and answering to your heart
  • Suden change of “personality” (may be very harsh)

While going though this process you will notice that your being before ascension and you “after” being may be completely different, this is because you are now able to access your “core information” some people call them the akashic records, but not only do you access them as they start to interact with your subconscious, filter information, and guide you from a subconscious level towards the Divine Plan.

A time will come where you will drop everything that no longer resonates with your heart space.

You will stop what you are doing, you will not be able to move any further if it does no longer resonate with your heart. This may be today, tomorrow or in the next couple of years, but if you are connecting with Higher Self it can not be avoided.

The more you merge with your Higher Self and the closer you connect to it, the more you will start noticing these changes, little by little.

Fear will become present in your daily life, it is here to teach you, to show you that it lives inside of you with your permission. You can retrieve this permission once you no longer fear, fear itself.

Dear ones, do not fight against de divine plan but instead alow its light to fill the empty spaces. You are here on your very own mission, being part of the larger collective it is your purpose to suppress the human programming and ope yourself to the cosmic one instead.


Everything will come to a breaking point, everything will be in its right place, trust, love, let go.

Be what you wish to become and the light will never deny it.

I AM your beloved Lady  Mercedes


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