Programming has begun – You are now being fully reborn ~ Ascension news ~16/11/2013 ~

“I” have decided to post this message because it has been received very strongly on the last couple of days and I feel it is important to share it with the community.

Although I have mixed feelings for the channeling and “Lightworking” community I still feel the need to do my job, not being a lightworker myself I still like to share a couple of ideas and insights that I receive, maybe it will help someone, maybe it wont, fact is the job is here to be done. This is a small text that fits into the cathegory of “Ascension news“.

Starting with the 13/11/2013 I felt this was a very important day in terms of “Programming” ( some people would call it DNA Programming but this is not the case more similar to a soul Programming ) , on this day I decided to connect to Mercury which is the entity I respect with all my heart, for good reasons, and Ii received a few insights of what was happening.
Because I no longer pay attention to dates and numbers but to feelings, the 13th was the day “they” came both to “Program” and “Re-Program” us. I felt that this new program installed was more based on “Equilibrium” and insight, but also erased a good part of the “primitive” human side. I don’t know how it affected others but on me it removed a lot of negative anger and for some strange reason I couldn’t get nervous anymore. All I can say is that it was related to what “they” did. When I say “they” I am talking to our team of programmers, because just like we have a person of our trust who repairs our machines and computers we also have a team of our trust that constantly updates our “program”.

Now what I also noticed is that this process activated NOT the spiritual side but something that for now I can not even name, its not material but its also not spiritual, it feels more like the direct “rope” to all because when you say spiritual it has the sound of a science but this is not science at all, it’s more like an intrinsic understanding of things, not with the heart, not with the brain, but with what you may call “soul”.

Now during this process (which hasn’t stopped yet) I felt an enormous disconnection with the human race, one would think how come, aren’t you supposed to feel more connected? I don’t know what “went wrong” but what I feel is not a connection with the human side but rather a connection with the ethereal side of human life, I connect strongly with higher selves at this point sometimes to a conflicting point where I don’t get along with the person I am talking to but then I connect with their higher self and they react to it like magnets (in a positive manner).

When people ask me about “ascension news” I  do believe that this is a very conflicting time for many people, because I see the Higher Self trying to come through and to express itself but most people don’t listen to it, and there is currently a very strong clash between positive and negative energy.

The “primal” or “primitive” side is being fed very strongly on those that have not yet opened up to the program and I can see them reveal into very unbalanced creatures, mostly driven by carnal desires or egoism. You will say “But Humans have always been like this”, note I am not talking about personality traits, no this is something way bigger, perhaps while some people are now receiving a balancing program others are being “set back” to a more primitive state of mind. Before you say that I am judging, yes I am judging and I am happy I do, I judge because I have values and believe in a thing called morals. You are free to be as liberal and “non judgmental” as you wish, I am free to judge aswell.

Now here is the most interesting part, I believe that at this point there will be major changes and we will know be able to separate the “gold from the silver” in terms of karmic history and attitude. Some people ask me “I don’t know why I am have such a bad life” I like to answer back ” That’s why you have it”. Once you know, you will start to see a change, if you damage yourself and others and you don’t see what you are doing its perfectly normal that your life will never change.

Others tell me ” I did bad things in the past and now I don’t want to live with guilt”. Why not? Do you think you deserve to live without it after what you did? Guilt is the reflection of your actions and it is there to teach, guide, and evolve. Why not embrace this feeling and evolve with it embracing you? Because it hurts you? But look at the balance, at the fairness of it. Isn’t it fair?

Or the sentence ” You should do that because maybe karma will compensate you for it”. One simple question, imagine that you knew that karma would punish you for giving food to a homeless, would you stop giving him food? If your answer is yes do not further ask why your life is not being a positive one. Things come from pure intention and fair intention not from all the money or material things you will collect from them as a result.

People who pray because they are afraid to “go to hell” as as weakminded and uninteresting to “the guys up there” than those who steal cars or rob others. Why would I compare these too? Because the answer to everything in life s intention. Intention is the most pure reflection of your nature and spirit, do not doubt it, understand it from its core.

Finally coming to the conclusion of all this, you are now fully being reborn, yes some people are, very few people are. They are being reborn into a new state of mind and being, from scratch. If you don’t remember most things and you wonder “why am I not able to remember what I did last week?” its because “they” decided to erase some “images” from your “disk” and installed the newest version of “learn how to live”. Congratulations. I know the feeling of “I should visit a shrink” is tempting but let me be here for you and tell you, don’t. They will never be as crazy as you, and that is a pretty good thing.
Now to all those that feel more and more disconnected to the human race but feel very connected to the souls, and the etheric aspects, please know, you will soon understand everything you need to know but never try to force it. Right now I am retiring a bit from my thoughts into the woods, I feel it is a good place to “reboot”.

And for the last paragraph I want to add this, there will be massive psychic attacks in the next couple of days and when I say massive I mean massive. Last night I experienced one of the strongest I ever had, and was close to a heart attack. My advice is to take this subject very seriously because it can be painful and dangerous, if you can use sea / ocean salt and cover your body directly with it to clean yourself.

That being said, I hope you liked the update on ascension news and  wish you all a beautiful walk on your path and be good.


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