New Age Scam – 10 facts about “Lieworkers” & the New Age Scam

“Lieworker: Someone who is drawn to hypocrisy, intolerant and constantly naming principles that are not respected by it’s performer”


Let’s face it, after the “Ascension boom” in the end of 2012 the channelers and sites are pretty much going under. If you have some decent knowledge about google analytics and SEO you will quickly notice that the New Age Era is over.

This also means that the New Age Scam and scamming techniques are more visible than ever (it’s like one of those scenarios where you parked your car in a forbidden place and on the next day when all the other cars are gone it became quite obvious…)

Those who have not yet packed their bags are too afraid to crawl out of the massive hole they have dug themselves, similar to gamers who have spent 10.000 $ in the casino and still haven’t won yet, they think they will because they are too afraid to accept that they went the wrong way.

In busyness and in our social life it is valuable to know the limits, especially when we put others at risk.

This is no longer a reality that only affects us, it may affect those who “read” you, those who love you and even those who don’t.

I have no clue where all this is going since there are always one eyed people ready to lead the blind and those who see are too intelligent to waste their time talking to the masses, they either read books or disappear in the woods to study from nature’s laws.

New age scammers instead have a need to present themselves to the masses, they simply cannot live without it.

What would make a person so “crown greedy” you ask?

Ask yourself, what would lead you to have the same posture?

There are many varieties, either it is for recognition, or because they feel lonely or simply because the “black list of sins” they practiced has grown so big that they need to cover it up with large amounts of cheap words and attention.

I was fortunate enough to grow up in a circle of genius minds, not meaning that I converted to one myself but I learned how I wanted  to become in my dreams, even if I only had 10% of it I would be incredibly happy.

To me a genius is not one that spits out fancy words like a machine but rather a person that is way too old for it’s early age.

Someone who can detect the details rather than paying attention to the big monsters crying.

“Crocodile tears” always get what they want.

Do they?

You would be surprised what karma is about to teach you.

I have learned that not everything that sparkles is gold, worse than that IF it sparkles just run away because it probably will try to take your sparkling abilities away.

Most people lack on self-esteem so if they see a potential beautiful soul they will not gently tolerate it, they will attempt to consume it.

That said, and it might seem unrelated to this post, what are “Lieworkers” ?

10 Facts about Lieworkers and the New Age Scam

1)  Lieworkers basic signature “Love and Light” (even if they hate you from the bottom of their heart (if they have one).

2) Recycled channeling material over and over again with sentences like “ The vibrations are increasing” or “ ascension is now taking place” (but it could take 500 years more).

3) Large collection of minerals, crystals and stones, the bigger and more expensive, the better, list them on their facebook to make sure everyone sees them ( see African children needing food and close the add pretending its spam).

4)  “ There is no good or bad “ I am glad that most people don«t have any political power otherwise our corrupted world would escalate to something even more dramatical. Ask yourself if a person who tortures, cheats, or kills for fun is a “neutral” person. New Age scam, typical as always.

5) “ I will give you a reading for 100$ or 200$ get it really cheap for 400$ ”  I am guessing you know that a doctor in my country (which is in Europe by the way) gets a salary of maybe 15$ a hour. I am trying to understand if you save lives, operate heart conditions or help deliver babies if you charge those amounts.

6) Tolerance is very important but dare NOT have a different opinion from mine.

7) I have ascended into this and that and now I feel like a much better person (you are still closing the African children adds…)

8) If you say something contrary you are probably either a “freak” or a “psycho” but I am sure that you may even be the anti-christ. Just make sure you smile and do not give your honest opinion. Good boy.

9) In order to ascend you need to meditate, open your third eye, pierce your eye brows with a rusty nail while you sing “alleluia” 35 times in the “OM” tone. If you don’t do that you will never ascend.

(If you think I am exaggerating with this description you would be amused to know that there are some people suggesting you you touch your anus while you meditate in order to activate your third eye…)

10) I can do sex with 10 people at the same time because there are no sins and everything is love and light.

I have a good story for you, I have a friend who is a quite famous photographer, for magazines and erotic models. He has a wife and a 2 year old boy and they are in an open relationship (she never does anything but he likes to go out with 2 or 3 women in one night).

She was always smiling and when I asked her why she tolerated it she answered me “ I love him “.

Over 8 months later she hanged herself in the living room.

He came to me and asked “ Why did she do that….I loved her so much….”

You love, you respect.

You love, you don’t cheat.

You love, you don´t hurt.



What it seems to me is that all those apparent “happy” Love and Light people are fooling themselves into a system that is not working out, neither for them or for those they love.

Another sentence I am constantly hearing “ Move on and let go”.

You know, this world is in the miserable state it is in exactly because almost everyone thinks

“ Move on and let go”.

Who cares, right? Let me hide under the chair and make sure I am safe when the tidal wave comes, the rest doesn’t really matter.

It’s the answer of the weak, of the egoists, of the selfish souls.

That’s why ascension and elevation are such different terms.

The era of scamming will be over, more and more people will get old and when they are close to their last breath they have no other option but the be honest to themselves and say:

“Look what I have done, so many wrong things and I didn’t correct any of them, now I am old, what do I got? What will I take with me? Lies and illusions? This is for what I lived?”

If you dug your hole, into being a “Lieworker” or if you fell into the Lie workers holes, do not be afraid to come out again, you will not be alone, you will not feel lonely, you will be guided by your heart, your soul, and gods beautiful energy, and you will understand…

“Truth is the only way to happiness”


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  1. Sometimes if a trueworker… being authentic, coming from the heart may hurt people?
    Of course they ought not be hurt by our actions of being authentic, but we can’t control what they are hurt by?

    For example if someone is attracted to us,but us not them, we have to say no don’t we, to be authentic and true, and that hurts them?

    If we prefer to be free and open in a relationship, and be authentic, and if the other person is hurt by that, and is not authentic in saying so….has said its ok… well, its not the persons fault that that person was hurt, and hid the hurt. that is not cheating to me. that is him just being authentic. i don’t know if that suicide was related to that issue exactly, but how sad if so, especially with a child….who will have been more than hurt by those actions….

    i agree though, how important it is to come from the heart, from experience…. so many lessons in history to learn there….

    there is no good or bad…but there is consequences…and these we have to deal with…

    and we may be light….but we are also darkness too 🙂 and letting go is so important but that doesn’t mean we can’t be assertive and actively do something 🙂
    which is why i like this article as it addresses this 🙂

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