Spying on gate keepers / masters / starseeds and all rest.

I havent posted in a long time now and my english is terrible at the moment so excuse me for wrong spellings. 

Before writing this I wasnt sure if I should or not post it but since I am hoping for some type of reaction I will try and see what hapens.

My family has been spied on for over 6 months now (probably longer but thats how much we know for sure). Our mobile phones and normal phone both were manipulated so that they could hear when we talk.

Both our houses were robed several times now, interesting fact? They didn’t steal anything but they looked inside the drawers for documents.

Why would someone rob a house and take nothing? I have to add my family collects antiques and they could have taken them and sold them but that was not the case.

I know the answer to this as my HS (Higher self) makes it obvious.

What I also know is that I am not the only affected person, there seems to be some “sort” of organization who knows what they are looking for from a certain “type” of person.

I am aware that I have no clue though what this all is about, maybe just an idea… (maybe you can help me out here).

More scenarios occured but I don’t want to share them here, I know I would only feed the rats with it. 

For those who read this and feel ” this is it, this message is for me ” ( many people tell me that they are guided to certain posts on this blog even though they are only recently indexed or even quite hard to google…) I want to deliver this message:

Do not share your spiritual identity with anyone, via internet, phone or any other method. Trust me you will thank me later for it.

I now KNOW why Michael doesnt want to tell me and also all the others forbid me to know. Not only that they induced me in error on purpose because they wanted to give me something to “chew on” so I wouldn’t keep asking, they protected me like brothers and sisters, I am grateful for that and I understand and respect that.

From a personal “interior” level I understand that some sort of “whitchunting” has begun and it became VERY intense. There may be no fire and this time we don’t get to see their faces but if you feel what I feel, you KNOW what I am talking about.

Note; I know a lot of things (how and why? No idea, maybe you can tell me ) things that you will not read, nor google, nor receive from channelings, structural things that channelers are not told because they would either share it without it being a policaly good idea to do so or because they simply are responsible for other areas. (Why am I saying this?) because I want to make clear that my subjects are not about “love and light” but about knowledge. 

I don’t believe in 3000 words long texts that have absolutely no content. Reminds me of those paintings where you make a stroke of collor and imediately are an “artist”.

You will not read all the typical over and over recycled emotionaly “dressed” words that you WANT to read. This is not about what you like to hear but about what you need to hear. I am incredibly practical and would like to clarify, this is a place where you will find information that has probably not yet even be indexed or discovered on the internet but probably is in some old books or memories, (again I don’t know).

If you feel ofended by my text or blog or posts that is not of my busyness and to be honest, I don’t write for others to “love” me, but there are enough people who do and try so hard to achieve it, I don’t need your love, but I may ask for your respect, towards everyone, especialy yourself. 

Back to the subject, I may ask you to think for yourself and besides reading what others say, read your own mind first.

If you found this post this is a call for you to stand up and not become the sheep. If you are afraid of being lonely, you are most certainly not alone, everyone is. 

But you “only have one life” if you are not honest and true with yourself now you will die as a liar. 

Harsh post? The violet force is not only about love, it is about transmutation and to transmute also means to stand on your own feet, to acess strenght (not power) and to reach out for the values of justice and honesty. 

( Side note: If you think the angels and keepers of this ray are all about love let me tell you that they are more concerned with people being unfair or unable to forgive themselves and others). 

Anyhow I hope I have not harmed some “sensitive ascended souls” here. Have a nice day and be happy, because happy souls do great things. 


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  1. anonymous number nine

    The divisions and frequencies are forming masses of negative entities. Be awake. and aware to open up the innerpercetive chakra. To detect the wolves in sheep clothing. Work silently. Then round them up and revert them back to the Creator so that they can be purified and charged then released into circulation. The bad that look good and the good that look bad trust your ability and if need be seek council of your appointed guide love harmony and the divine purpose be done as planned

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