Was Solomon the King Saint Germaine ? – A tale unknown by most

” Those who seek shall find ” in the last couple of days I have noticed strongly about the importance of this quote. If you by any chance find this post be it for a particular reason or because you drop by on a regular basis know that you were guided to this post.

And this happens for a good reason, you are ready to see the big picture. The picture that most channelers and messengers will never be ready to see or find because they made one big mistake, they fell into a one sided trap.

Now the elite of the world ( I hear the common designation of “cabal” but to be franc I prefer calling it the ” Global Financial machine ” ) is very pleased to hear that these people are being trapped and behaving in one sided patters. Preachers of “unity” that have not yet understood that in order to elevate the being you need both, positive and negative poles of the battery.

A few days ago while receiving a few messages from the “universe” a very clear message came to me saying that Solomon the King was one of the incarnations of Saint Germaine. 

Now you may be curious enough to google it, I dare you. 

Why would the author of the Goetia and the Keys of Solomon, son of David of Israel be Saint Germaine in one of his dozens of lives? There is one thing “channelers” fail to remember (or maybe they are just too blinded to do so) but it is known that Saint Germaine was one of the greatest alchemists that ever existed.

Solomon was also one of the greatest alchemists, not only was he a genius but he knew how to “trap” spirits into seals and use them for his own purposes.

” The seal of Solomon ” who many see as a ring was in fact a given ability to trap energies of different polarities (lets not discuss what is “good” or “bad” unless we are convinced that we know everything).  

Solomon had two daughters and one son, one of his daughters was of mysterious origins and she was the one who carried the “seal of Solomon” upon Solomon’s death.

Now what is my point with all this?

Solomon the King = Saint Germaine = Violet Flame + Alchemy 


It’s simple. You have two options, the first one is to be part of the blinded crowd and if you are you shall go under with it. I am not saying this to scare you or to cause fear, I am stating this as a given fact. Some people can move objects with the mind and do powerful things, let’s say my soul knows things from the future, that is my little ability, not a big one, not a powerful one but definitely a very practical and handy one.

The second option is to understand that this is not a one sided game, that there will always be a elite in every single section of the universe because that is the only way to keep things in order. A person who tells you that you don’t need leaders is a self delusional and not a very humble person. We need leaders, the difference is we need leaders with good intentions and we do not have them.

There is nothing wrong with having a politically organized society as long as both the society itself and the elites work without corruption the problem is, there is no corruption free society.

I know that there is a possibility that this post will trigger attacks from the viewers but I have a good advice for you, the internet is a “free” place, I am doing my job and thinking perhaps you should start doing the same. 

” Those who seek shall find ” Image


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  1. more than likely you are talking about the antichrist: http://watch.pair.com/solomon.html

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