– 2013 Update to the readers –

Since my last post much happened and like many of you I now stand on a completely different mountain. I had the most amazing experience on January 1st when I saw a group of 6 UFOS around my house at night moving around for maybe half and hour, it was amazing and I never thought I would ever see it in my life.

This happened because I was not on the computer or watching tv, I was happy to see the fireworks in our little town and felt like a child, happy, watching the lights. These ufos have been reported all around the world at the same day and also what seemed to be “orange redish orbs” around New Years eve. But the ones I saw were not orange, they were my team, comming to visit me and saying “hello”. When I started to walk away from all of it, they finaly came to remember me who I am, who we are.

Much has happened and the more I walked and saw the more I looked inside myself instead of looking outside of it, I avoid reading most channelings at this point and am inclined in doing healing work with the help of the violet flame, which I am doing without any cost and I will not accept money for it. It is one of my missions to cure and so it will be.

I feel fearless at this point, no need to add further words to it.

Every theory that has been told to me has been rejected and I told myself to start from zero, like a child would, and to look at the world with unknowing eyes, eyes that have not been condicioned or influenced to see in a certain way.

I have to say, the New Age movement has proved that it is another group inside the group, inside the group, and you can guess whose “group” originiated all of it.

I took my time to read Saint Germaines books (especially the Triangle book and the Golden Book) and the more I read the more I would understand, that to understand the books, the words and the meaning instrinsic to them, is not always a simple task, there is also a very obscure side to it which I am still researching. I think that this particular saint has become a “fashion Saint”,  but the history of saint germaine and his research are not for “children” to understand. In my opinion, Saint Germaine whom I respect and am interested in understanding is a very complex character and I will keep researching.

So now, where am I? I cannot answer you that question but I can tell you where I am not.

I am not in fairytale land, I am not in New Age land, I am not reading what others post or repeating what they say.

I took my time to be free, free from answering questions but rather to ask them myself.

To me ascension, is the waking up of the mind and heart, it is not about love and light but about the true meaning behind, Truth and Morals / Values. Because to love is to be honest, to respect and to trust, and light is nothing more than the absence of negative intentions, the intention to do well and to be good.

To me ascension means people will question what they read, who they are, people will understand they no longer need groups to fit in or to visit church to respect god, god is in your intentions, and inside yourself. The will to connect to god is the connection itself.

I wish all of you a happy 2013, with health and luck.



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