A very strong message this is.

Sirian Heaven

God said:

You are the child you give birth to, you understand. What is your whole life but your birthing? You create your own debut.

When a baby is born, everyone coos and wonders what the boy or girl will grown up to be. How will this baby turn out?

You, beloveds, are your own destiny. You create yourself along the way. You have choices, and you make them, and so you create yourself, this evidence of yourself. You are not choiceless.

Certainly, you may consider yourself a victim of circumstance. Circumstances may have been difficult, yet you are at your own helm.

You may feel that, as a child, you really had no say. What say you now? You can be what you want to be.

You may not have the career you would really like or the marriage or the children or no children or money or no…

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