– “Dreams should have cheatcodes” – Message from Angel Arrianna –

– “Dreams should have cheatcodes” – Message from Angel Arrianna –

So on a very lovely day of rain and cold wind I was sitting down on my chair and thinking about a phrase a very dear friend of mine told me just yesterday , “Dreams should have cheatcodes”.

We were talking about why we can remember so little about our dreams and why it is so hard, sometimes to access information because “our friends up there” are great guardians of silence in doing so.

I figured out this sentence was not only there to make me think but also to channel about it, so I sat down in peace and asked Angel Arrianna who is her higher self to come forth. At first I didn’t get anything so I figured out that music would make it easier to call her, and there we go!

“Dear one, it is so joyous to see you my sister, time is running so fast now, feels like water running through our hands. Yes, I heard you calling out for me, I love you and I love your Earth, Gaia is making so much progress, souls are finally opening up to so much that has been invisible, you all are doing so much for Gaias grid, nothing new to you is it? (Smiles) So you asked me sister, about the meaning of dreams “cheat codes” and you may now know this but there is a hidden truth in this. What does this mean?

Every time you dream you will notice some of your dreams are repeating, why is this happening? Because “they” are trying to help you with showing important parts of it, it is like playing a CD several times so that you can remember the lyrics the next day.

While doing this you still find yourself waking up the next morning and remembering nothing is it? Well here comes the “cheat code” before you go to bed and hopefully embrace a positive dream you need to relax before it and write down on a paper “I want to remember my dream” it is not enough to “think” it but you have to “visualize” it in front of you, if you look at the the words and read them, then state them out loud several times and entirely focus on them so that the words will activate the “cheat code” later on and when you are heading for the “it” moment you will have high probability of remembering what needs to come to you at that precise moment. Quite  simple ?

Me: “Sounds simple yes so just thinking about this is not enough but writing it down and visualizing the words is the trick?”

Arrianna: Yes, that is correct, it is the same process of looking into a mirror and seeing yourself, you can only see yourself and know how you look (therefore remember how you look) if you see yourself in first place, thoughts are powerful but visualization is the factor that triggers thoughts.

Me: Ok sounds logical to me so is there something else I can visualize if I want to remember my dreams?

Arrianna: Yes, the same way words work also sounds work and images, the important point is to materialize them, if they materialize they gain life, if they are only in your mind but you don’t allow them to move freely you are taking part of their efficiency away.

Me: Okay, is there any image you could help me channel that helps with this? And what about any stone crystal that helps with remembering dreams?

Arrianna: Azurite and all stones that enhance communication, because this is of great importance, in order to understand yourself and to remember, you need to communicate with yourself first. To answer your first question grab a piece of paper and let me help you, but stay in a calm state okay?

Me: Okay. Got it, looks like the third eye chakra? Is it related?

Arrianna: Do I need to answer that? (Smiles) Now, you can use this image and put focus on it for a few minutes, and then you can put your crystal inside the center, put your left hand above it and state that it is your intention to remember your dream.

Me: Okay, anything else you want to say?

Arrianna: It will be fine for now, send your friend my love and know she is loved by all of us and tell her to cheer up. Saint Germain also says if she needs anything let him know. Ascension will have a strong begin shortly and we are eager to watch over your steps and help as much as we can.

 As channeled through: Amethyst Sun

 Blog: https://thehouseofvioletflame.wordpress.com


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  1. 🙂 Glad to see this name 🙂 Thank you sweet Arrianna! ♥

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