– Message from Archai Amethyst – You the Magician – The trick door to Ascension – 25.11.12 –

Dear ones,

As you know by know ascension has been running freely across your life and is still being prepared for further stages, we encourage you to relax at this moment and to find a moment for yourself where you can rest your thoughts, put away all negativity that may still remain and feel centered with nature, Gaia and the Universe itself.

It is a time of introspection, of looking inside yourself, now more than ever you will know just how to access the answers for the questions you have proposed. It will be clear at this point what direction is the one that is most favorable, what changes you want to perform in your diet, what path you want to take on a certain day to travel to a certain point.

Discovering yourself , will take a whole new idea with it and head unto a whole new level.

Know that the values you have been given and those you have given yourselves are the painting that will later define you, it is not only a matter of choices but a matter of intentions, a matter of intent towards the goals you have to fulfill.

I will state this clearly as you are now clearing yourselves , do not be afraid to be who you are, to present yourself as the being you wanted to be, to mold your body the way you wish it to be, your soul the way it communicates with you best.

Expand your awareness to what is above you, not what is bellow, and be free to serve those who are in need, you will hear their calls more often as the times we are in gave people their voices back.

I wish to see all of you united, and for you to understand that only together, as one, you will start gaining more presence. This fear of being invisible because you are one with everything is part of the illusion that has been sold to you, the separation that was intended by those who stand against you. You never go under among the crowd, you are one of its vessels and so important and crucial like any of the others, be it thousands or millions or far more.

Each soul is a creator, a magician, the trick door to ascension is allowing you to believe and to become a child, again. You are in your own dream world and you can perform whatever serves best the community and yourself. You are becoming magic itself.

If at this point you are still concerned of striving for power, or afraid to lose it, know that there is no such thing as power. Each human, each plant, each animal are a force of nature itself yet creators intent was to create a life of balance, where in the big picture there is no “overpowerment”. This means no energy is stronger than another in the big picture, but one can be in a higher level in a certain aspect and lower level in another. The result is always the outcome of balance, while balance is maintained peace is a inevitable outcome.

You have not come to earth to compete with each other as there is no such thing as competition. You can only compete with yourself and improve each aspect that needs to be worked on, and then you will understand that you are achieving this feeling of contentment and that you are now, finally able, to reach out to the world and to become, one.

Know that the decision to ascend is yours alone, we have told you this and will always be here to remind you.

My mission at this point is also to inform you, my children, that Ascension is not as linear as you might perceive it, the image of those ascending and those not ascending is not entirely taken from above, you must know that later on, even when “Ascensions big day” has passed you may come across some “Trick doors”. We gave them this name because once again, your intention is the golden and timeless key to ascend; the major door might not be visible to you at a certain point but know that your desire and your pure intent, whenever they are awakened can promote a new door to appear, just in front of the eyes.

You are the magician, believe in yourself and search for the rabbit in the hat.

And if you dig deeper in your hat, you might even find a hole.

Let me embrace you with all my heart and welcome you to your own new world of magic.

I AM Archai Amethyst.

As channeled through: Amethyst Sun

Blog: https://thehouseofvioletflame.wordpress.com



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