The house of the violet flame

The house of violet flame is a project that allows beings from the violet flame and other rays to share their knowledge through channelings, connections, images and relevant news.

Those who enter this site can dance freely, can speak freely and do not need to be in fear of judgment.You are free to share your mind and feelings.Words related to “ego” “Lightworkers” and “resonate” are forbiden due to the cult factor associated to them. We are not a cult and do not support cult like behaviours and definitions. Therefore we do not make use of cliches or assumptions.

Here you find a place to speak not ony about your happy days but also about your sorrow, share it with us if it makes you feel lighter.

We are here to remind you that you have a body, heart and soul. It is okay to love and it is okay to feel sadness.

Only those who can assume their weakness can overcome it.

We are here to provide you the tools so that you can teach yourself.

We do not want followers but want to encourage you to follow your higher self.

You are free to be who you are, who you desire to be as long as you state your mind with respect.

The house of violet flame welcomes you dearly.


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