Kartenlegen Wien – How the tarot is reviving in Europe

People tend to have different opinions when it comes to divinatory arts, I like to call them that because it makes sense that something so intuitive would be considered an art (and we all know it will never be accepted as a science, for obvious reasons) either they approach the cause with scepticism and criticize upfront or they embrace it with an open vision. Divinatory arts are part of the oldest professions or earth, and although many  people do not know this, part of important political decisions in past centuries where made under the power and advice of influent fortune-tellers.

One of the most iconic cases in known was Madame Lenormand in the XVIII century who assisted the well known french King Napoleon Bonaparte in his decisions ( which ranged from finances, to decisions regarding wars but also on other subjects). She was also known to give advice to other monarchs at the time including those from Russia and Germany.

Years passed by and fortune-tellers became more and more associated with negative behaviour and judgement, mostly because not all of them were professionals and not every person has the most noble intentions. Some saw an opportunity to scam people who were in deeply trobled and had ulterior motives to do so, just like some doctors may save a life for money and some lawyers represent murderers for cash, there is an ethical element in all professions but the practitioner itself is in charge of either respecting these ethical and moral lines or to abuse them and therefore denigrate the image of an activity making it lose its credibility.

Nowadays professionals and those who do it as a hobby all over the world are trying to revive tarot and fortune-telling by providing courses, readings and additional worldwide acknowledged methods such as Reiki or Yoga in order to re-establish its credibility and a positive feeling towards these “arts”.

One major example was the creation of “Kartenlegen Wien” a small business in Vienna owned by a woman who is now reading the tarot for over 11 years and represents the 4th generation of fortune-tellers in her family. This is also serving as an example to understand that there are deep connections involving fortune-telling that can survive through many years.

She believes that the world is changing and that people are looking more into connecting with their spiritual sides, with their higher-self and with inner balance. Routine, too much daily stress and 24/7 jobs have created the need to explore other opportunities and the chance for people to find new perspectives in their lives.

The tarot cards are picked by her clients, she says this shows them directly that they already hold  advice inside themselves and that the cards are nothing more than tools to materialize this “inner advice”. This means they are in charge and allow her to pick up what lays inside of them.

Since then, Kartenlegen Wien has had tremendous success and attracted clients from all over the globe, it has changed people’s perspectives on divinatory arts.

“If we allow ourselves to remove our own limitations, we will see things we could never imagine before”.


My Journal March 17, 2015 – Why let God this happen today?

My Journal March 17, 2015 – Why let God this happen today?.

How to change the Future? An in depht guide to manifestation and some bizarre tips along your way.

How to change the future ?

Is a question not everyone will ask because probably most people do not even consider that the future can be shaped.

So why am I adressing this issue and why am I doing this right NOW?

First of all I do not want to be the person reminding you that “hard times” may come, I have seen way too many posts talking about how hard life will get and how hard you will have to meditate and do all those fancy “elevated” things to get yourself out of the dirt. If you take a while to snap out of it you will see that this negativity is capable of influencing you (and everyone else) and that in a way it can get contagious.

We do not want this to hapen so lets move on.

I want to encourage my readers to not think about the Future in a negative way EVEN if you got told my some amazing highly spiritual high on weed monk or by something else, what you feel and think you will become this is why you HAVE to avoid giving in to fear.

I am also not telling you to believe that only good things will come your way, but here is the thing, as long as you remain in a calm, assertive state of mind (does this sound familiar?) your energy will remain neutral, and neutral is what you want to achieve in order to go for the next step.

Most people do not realize that being in a calm state of mind, as simple as it is, is the key to elevation and to finding the door you have been looking for all this time. Now I am not saying you should be passively waiting for things to hapen, you are a shaper and a creator too after all, I am inviting you to a new state of mind, a balanced one.

If you are familiar with the “Dog whisperer” Cesar Millan you will know that when it comes to dogs the energy of the owner will influence the state of mind and the balance of the pack. Now I know you will ask ” What does this have to do with spirituality and changing the future?” let me answer in the next line;

I have never learned as much about correcting my own issues as by watching this TV show, to me what Cesar says to the dog owners and the way he corrects the dogs, is after all the same way you can correct a human being.

By being calm and assertive you achieve balance. By leading and being secure and not insecure, you will be able to shape yourself and others, you will create trust and balance.

I have read many books about Psychology most of them as bad as a class B Horror Movie, all along their complicated “guidelines” where the human is always the center of the universe, then I watch Cesar say simple things and by applying them they work almost in a magical way! Let me just add this (for your better understanding) I work as a dogsitter and partially begun to train dogs myself, and by controlling my state of mind ( which normally is a very nervous and anxious one) and seeing the results on the animals I motivated myself not only to train the animals….but to train myself.

And when I realized something so simple its almost stupid I asked myself, maybe Cesar trains people after all and reabilitates animals, the point here is, the link you create with another being (person, animal or plant) imediately starts producing effects.

So if you want to learn how to become a more balanced and enlightened person, here is my very unique advice, forget about meditation and 4 hours of making handstands while you chant some crap you dont even know the meaning…. Watch that TV show and you will learn so much about yourself, it is insane.

Was this bizarre enough? It still is my vision on Human psychology though, and this comes from a person that had Psychology as a main subject for many years even in college.

Now lets move on to the next step. Once you achieved this calm state of mind you will tipically get signs of what may hapen in the future, either a feeling, a prediction, a call or something else.

Fear will be your primary reaction to it, and by being in this state of fear you will obviously put yourself into a “snowball” state in which negative things produced by your own fears and anxiety will start to occur,and one situation will then feed the other.

You will say ” They were right all those bad things happened” but here is the thing, by being in fear you SIGNED for it from the very begining!

By being in fear you told them ” Yes come after me with all your vodoo and haunt me as much as you wish, I am afraid anyway so what can I do?”

And that is when you step into the Trap, congratulations, you made it so easy I bet the long bearded gods are up there either big time facepalming or eating their popcorn.

We do not want this to hapen. So now what you can do is forget what you just read (yes I am serious) and transport yourself to a new, balanced state of mind, after all you are siting comfortably on your chair and nothing bad happened, so take a chill pill and keep reading, the worst part is over, do not be afraid.

You have to stand up and state what you want to the universe, bold and full of passion, and the universe will never be able to negate your will.

” Well that is a pretty bold claim” you will say, I never said it wasnt, but this does not change the effectiveness of it.

” Why would it work?” or ” Why should it work as simple as that?”.



Let me tell you something, these questions are a product of a very well executed social conditioning you have received since a very young and fragile age. People tell you to disconnect to the higher realms as a child and when you eventually return as an adult and try to find your way back through following groups and doing strange complicated rituals ( becoming once again the same old sheep god probably does not find amusing at all) you completely miss the point, and that dear reader, is exactely what society loves about you, that you are so easy to fool it becomes boring after a while.


Well, Fuck them.

The last time I listened to some pre(badly)programmed victim and got told I should finish my college and send my applications to make money, things got pretty ugly, back then I sent over 200 CV’s (applications) and guess what, despite of having knowledge in the law area and being fairly good at it NO ONE wanted to work with me.

At first I thought maybe I wasnt good enough for the job, I got frustrated, but a few months later ( and yes stupid me for taking so long to understand duh) I understood that this was not the way for me.

I am not an A to Z person, but made of my own letters and collors, and so are you.

I decided to go into ” I dont give a shit” mode and do my own thing and in 1 month and a half I started making over 1000$ with 5 hours work a day, not bad for a student.

The point is, I was not being calm and assertive but in an anxious unatural state of mind which complicated my life’s situation.

The trick is to WISH exactely what you want to wish, to BE exactely who you want to be, and to DO exactely what you want to do. And if this means repairing cars or cleaning toilets, selling pizzas or being a gardener, do not be afraid because the only way you can swim among the river of life is swimming at your own rythm and sound.

To swim you have to lose fear of the water, and if people tell you swimming is dangerous (because well…they cant do it themselves) you, and only you can be the one to know if you can or can not swim aswell.

People do not realize (mostly out of ignorance) that by reflecting their own fears on others they might produce fears in them they didnt even know existed in the first place!

I can give you a spectacular example when I was heavily medicated on interferon (a subcutaneous drug for blood cancers) and suddenly started to fear forks just because one day I looked at one and my mind must have decided that forks…are the devil.



And the way it scared the crap out of me

Imagine your whole life living without even thinking about forks and sudenly a tool used to eat food turns into the antichrist just because for a split second and due to a heavy medication something triggered this absolutely ridiculous yet dangerous response (you are allowed to laugh by the way I am doing this myself, fear of forks …….. what the fuck?)

Now switching back to the plan here, to change the future, and I am convinced you are able to perform this as you are a creator yourself, all you have to do is state it clearly to the universe, angels, gods, god, ascended Masters, your dead grandmother….etc….while being in a calm and assertive state of mind, with no fear, no agendas, no second thoughts, by just keeping it simple.

Life is as simple as you make it and as complicated as you want it to be, even if problems arrise it is up to you to identify as what they are, probably lessons, tests, or stages of your life, but THAT is it.

Nothing more, nothing less, do not see in every little detail the universe sends you an insult, it will become one if you are considering it one from the start.

When you do this, and wish something from the heart and with a clear intention and a calm and assertive state of mind, imagine the universe is a person just like you, and let them feel / understand that you want your future to look like THIS.

You want it and there is no way it will be any other way (ofc you will want to stay reasonable and not ask them to grow you wings….unless they troll you back and send you an airplane! Yes the universe too has a very own and golden sense of humour).

Once you ask for it, once you want it and let them clearly know that it can only happen the way you want it to be, there is no turning back for them (as long as you hold tight to your belief and do NOT doubt it) remember when you doubt something you are blocking the communication to the universe and even if it tries to manifest for you, you will not get the message because you are unable to receive it…It is like someone was sending you a gift and knocking at your door but because you think it could never be a gift you never open the door. With all due respect, if the “universal” postman does this a trillion times and you still dont answer….well, shit I guess.

Remember it is up to you to controll your state of mind, everything else will follow.

Now lets come to the final step ( I am already talking to much in this post, sorry!) once you did all this and stated clearly what you want you will just drop it. What? You will drop it and not think about what you just did, pretend it didnt even hapen.

Why? Because by thinking about it you might 1) Doubt it even if for a second and if you are unlucky it will be the seconds the “universal postman” knocked at your door and 2) You will get anxious = Fear ( I guess we talked about this one before didn’t we?)

So all this reverts again to the golden rule, ” Calm and assertive”.

Become this state of mind, try it out on a daily base, when you go for a walk or someone is annoying you in a cue, or being a bully at the grocery store, try putting it into action and see what results you get.

Even if you think some people will never react well to it because they are ” bad ” after all, trust me, if you are calm and assertive even if it takes longer and many repetitions, there is no possible way this person will not pick up the energy you ARE.

How to change the future, is in your hands, as a creator there are infinite possibilities, its never to soon to start and never too late.



September shift | The truth about your creator path and how to pass the Test without doubt

To all my readers, I want to appologize for not being around so often but I think we all have some clearing to do and so I took my time to gather all the information I am about to share. Contrary to most channelers what I will share is the opposite of what you have been reading, not because I want to be the rebel light worker in this community but because I sincerely feel (know) that this time will be a tricky quest for all of us and because I am privileged enough to be in a position where I see things from another view, this does not mean others are wrong, this only means they will create the reality they accept as possible.

Why do you think all the past months we have been told several times over and over again that we are “creators”? This was not ment for us to sit down now and wait for fate to strike our way, if you think that the path of lesser resistance will help than it is without any doubts your choice, but while taking my seat in Telos I dare to say that this is exactely what they expect from your 4D self which has not yet setled into 5D.

You are being babysited by them and allowing them to parent you while not understanding that now it is time to start walking on your own.

You see, at this moment there is chaos up there with several matters, truth is even the masters do not know what is going on on a complete level and this is by no means normal to say the least, I can not go into details with this because I also am not fully aware of the situation what I can say is that there are “gate” problems, whatever that means (maybe someone knows?) is up to your interpretation,  what this means is that there is in fact a lack of controll at this moment mainly because we are attempting to move out of 3D while the collective is clinging on to it and the dimensions above us can only progress if we move up the leader, you see when you channel the typical ” we are all connected” this is what they mean! This means, dear readers, that if we do not suceed in ascending (which is possible because nothing is written in stone and will never be, understand this) they will not ascend as a consequence. So this answers a few questions, why do you think they are so focused in “helping” us ascend? Yes many of them will take action out of compassion and because they are indeed our family but others need this shift as much as we do, and lets face it, we have been a very negative and lazy race.

This whole enlightement-human subject HAS to stop. I will tell you (make you feel) why. We are humans, we have been programmed and engineered to be here and to take action, but it was never our purpose to think that we are above other races, that we are the big deal, the enlightened saviours of the planet, fact is we ruined this planet, fact is while I am writing this, our planet will keep being hurt, you are part of this, and I am part of this, all are. 

When you understand how small you really are, and still apreciate that even by being so small you CAN take action and can make a change you will release your true masteries and potential. No, it is not about meditation, eating only vegetables or being nicer than you used to that you will understand the meaning of the particle you represent, or your true essence, but by letting go of the dogmas, and most importantly, by starting to become Real.

The word “real” also means “royal” in several languages, maybe this will give you a hint on how true royaly of the soul is represented and thus, achieved.

But this is a subject for another post, I want to make you see the whole story from another perspective. If you are going under in a sea, and they tell you “stop it, it is useless just let go” because the sea became too complicated for you to swim, you might think that by stopping to swim it will get better, that you might almost drown but find a tree to grab on, let me tell you a secret, right now, there are no trees. Right now it is either understand the Test or do not understand the Test.

Only when you are at your limit, and yes sometimes near to insanity and feeling exausted, frustrated and at the end, only when you genuinely say ” I am here and I stand my ground, keep doing this I will not back away” they will come for you. You see they are not interested anymore in all this passive “love” and ” false faith” they are looking for the Real ones, the royal.

They are looking for pure energy that is imune to fear and control by the illusion, there are no limits, walls or lines that are eternaly set, this is all just to put you in your little dog, to put the leash on you like a box and make you walk acording to their rythm.


They will keep telling you that you will never make it, so you better just let it be, do you know who says that? Energies who are afraid of your light, they know your potential and they want you by no means to use it. So are you saying they want me to fail? I ask you this simple question, when us humans use rats in lab experiments, do we want them to win or lose, to succeed or fail? Most of us do not want either, we want to Test. And this is what all is about, an experiment. They want to see how far you will go for something you love even when they tell you to remove your hands from it. 

You are the only one who know what is the best for you. Furthermore many of you, including myself have been warned about negative outcomes of the future, why would they warn you of something negative? Why do you tell a friend to be careful because it might rain? Simple, because you want your friend to take an umbrella. 

Understand the deeper meaning of this, they do not want us to fail, and they do not want us to accept everything the way it is either, they are Testing all of us in the most crude and irritating way,and yes it will frustrate you, and me, and many others, but here is the thing, the way you behave now will influence the FUTURE.

So if you sit waiting for the roof to fall on your head, the roof will fall on your head. If you move away from it it will most likely not hit you. 

So chose wisely if you want to be a puppet or if you want to listen to what they have been preaching you, that we are all connected and that we are creators. Remember when you were at school and the teacher would tell you over and over again that negative and positive are negative? And you went to the test and almost all questions were about that subject?

Where you listening or asleep in classes? Ask yourself.

Being a creator means, at times, that you will modify timelines because this is your desire, and here is the interesting part, what better way for you to do that than putting you into situations that will force you? Ask yourself wy they are doing all this? Ask yourself why they told you so much about Alchemy, mastery and creation, and now out of the blue everything seems to be crashing? Maybe because they want you to get on your feet and do it. Remember nothing is written in stone it is up to you to understand this through feeling it.

If you have the slightest doubt, you are blocking your own path to its potential. Understand this and understand the meaning of the word “capacity”.

I want to let you know that untill December when the 2 year cicle will complete everything will be a mess, I can not calm you down and say it will get better because I would be telling a lie however I can say this, right now it is very easy to fail the test, you are being convinced into doing so, but the decision is yours, not mine, not of any other channeler or figure, it is in your hands. Make the best out of it for your very own sake and happiness and fight for what you love and believe in, do not let the illusion come close to you and tell you to surrender, we have plenty of time, also remember, we will be updated soon and know more, this is unfortunatelly a very passive time and we will have to wait, but once you climbed the mountain you WILL see the other side, no mountain is infinite even if it seems so, and you will get there if you just keep walking.

Do not let the cold distract you, don’t make it that easy for them.

Understand the test and do not let words confuse you, your soul KNOWS this it just needs to remember.

Ask for guidance on your path even if you find it hard to connect right now, no spirit will refuse a wish that is pure at heart.

While I am writting this I see the screen pink and my forhead is vibrating in a very amusing way so I asume our friends are letting me know this will help some of you out there!

And up we go on the ship, and up to sail those waves, do not despair because as long as there is life, there is hope.


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~ 05/02/2014 ~ Channeled message from ascended master Lady Mercedes ” Remember who you were before they told you what to be” ~ WAKE UP

Note to the readers: Before I start this post (which is a mix of channeled information along with a few opinions) I want to apologize to my readers.

As you can see in some of my previous posts I got taken away by anger a few times, contrary to common belief I don’t hide anger (fear) but have learned to let it kill me.

You see, when you love something, allow it to blow your ego away. It might give you the illusion of “pain” at the start, but there is no such thing as pain, or fear, anger. Its part of the programming we received since we arrived on Earth. The programming of ” win and lose” or “right or wrong” the evil and the “hero”. They told you how to dress, how to hold the fork correctly, how to be polite . They told you to fit in a certain box and you worked your whole life to fit in that precise box, you worked so much that you would never consider to switch it for something else because you molded yourself to fit in so much that you no longer thought of the 1% chance you could be in the “wrong” box.

About a year and a half ago I was angry. I was angry at ” Love and Light” for being misused. I was angry at all the people trying to control what light and darkness means. Why judge? Why point the finger? Why not simply let go, accept, love, let live, smile, be free.

Little did I know they were in fear, just like I was. So was doing nothing more than judging myself. And they were judging themselves as well.

But as the days went by, the energy of my cosmic sisters, of my HS, guides, the archangels, and for sure of the violet Flame and its Masters came through so strongly that it had no chance to keep growing.

It was replaced with a feeling of genuine balance, harmony and contentment. Each and every moment started to make perfect sense. The light was not deniable, any longer.

Starting 2014 everything changed and is still changing, its all a little overwhelming but I accept the divine plan for what it is.





  ~ 05/02/2014 ~  Channeled message from ascended master Lady Mercedes ” Remember who you were before they told you what to be” ~ WAKE UP ~

There is a right time for each and every one of you, dear ones. If you do not understand (yet) time will tell you nothing more than your own story, you see, right now the cosmos is peeling of the layers around your “core soul”. You may not notice this (yet) bu in your subconscious everything is being prepared, you may imagine this like looking at the tip of an iceberg, there is an amazing space behind the visible part, yet to become visible when the apples are red and ready to be picked.

As manu of the violet flame and your mother I am here to assist you in awakening through the transmuting loving violet fire and the violet flame (not to be confused as the same thing but one day I shall explain this subject further).

You see your bodies have been programmed under the sign of divine alchemy. Each and every element you notice (consciously or subconsciously) will activate little by little your Higher Self connection which then will activate twin flame fire.

Perhaps at this point you will be reading this channeled message and think, that what is written does not apply to you, but if you found this message let me tell you, dear ones, it will.

Give it time, let time become you.

The closer you come to your higher self the faster this evolution will take place. You will experience enormous changes, some of you will change to 180 degrees and many will look back at you and recognize you, no longer. Do you know what ascension means? What the 5th dimension represents? Here are the traits of the new you;

  •  Letting go of ego.
  •  Developing younger skin, vibrant eyes, diseases will come in stronger and after be partially or completely removed.
  •  DNA (Light Body) transformation
  • Returning of memories, images and melodies
  • Returning of vivid dreams
  • Sensation of floating or of someone ” pushing and pulling” your body
  • Changes in habits / work or partners
  • Renewal in social circles
  • suddenly facing fear (Stages of fear)
  • I) Facing Fear
  • II) Letting Fear embrace you
  • III) Fear no longer has an effect and is released
  • IV) Letting permanently go and follow your heart space permanently (intuition)
  • Sudden following of intuition without seeking for further explanations
  • Sudden trust in the universe
  • Acceptance of the Divine Plan
  • Seeking truth and answering to your heart
  • Suden change of “personality” (may be very harsh)

While going though this process you will notice that your being before ascension and you “after” being may be completely different, this is because you are now able to access your “core information” some people call them the akashic records, but not only do you access them as they start to interact with your subconscious, filter information, and guide you from a subconscious level towards the Divine Plan.

A time will come where you will drop everything that no longer resonates with your heart space.

You will stop what you are doing, you will not be able to move any further if it does no longer resonate with your heart. This may be today, tomorrow or in the next couple of years, but if you are connecting with Higher Self it can not be avoided.

The more you merge with your Higher Self and the closer you connect to it, the more you will start noticing these changes, little by little.

Fear will become present in your daily life, it is here to teach you, to show you that it lives inside of you with your permission. You can retrieve this permission once you no longer fear, fear itself.

Dear ones, do not fight against de divine plan but instead alow its light to fill the empty spaces. You are here on your very own mission, being part of the larger collective it is your purpose to suppress the human programming and ope yourself to the cosmic one instead.


Everything will come to a breaking point, everything will be in its right place, trust, love, let go.

Be what you wish to become and the light will never deny it.

I AM your beloved Lady  Mercedes

Programming has begun – You are now being fully reborn ~ Ascension news ~16/11/2013 ~

“I” have decided to post this message because it has been received very strongly on the last couple of days and I feel it is important to share it with the community.

Although I have mixed feelings for the channeling and “Lightworking” community I still feel the need to do my job, not being a lightworker myself I still like to share a couple of ideas and insights that I receive, maybe it will help someone, maybe it wont, fact is the job is here to be done. This is a small text that fits into the cathegory of “Ascension news“.

Starting with the 13/11/2013 I felt this was a very important day in terms of “Programming” ( some people would call it DNA Programming but this is not the case more similar to a soul Programming ) , on this day I decided to connect to Mercury which is the entity I respect with all my heart, for good reasons, and Ii received a few insights of what was happening.
Because I no longer pay attention to dates and numbers but to feelings, the 13th was the day “they” came both to “Program” and “Re-Program” us. I felt that this new program installed was more based on “Equilibrium” and insight, but also erased a good part of the “primitive” human side. I don’t know how it affected others but on me it removed a lot of negative anger and for some strange reason I couldn’t get nervous anymore. All I can say is that it was related to what “they” did. When I say “they” I am talking to our team of programmers, because just like we have a person of our trust who repairs our machines and computers we also have a team of our trust that constantly updates our “program”.

Now what I also noticed is that this process activated NOT the spiritual side but something that for now I can not even name, its not material but its also not spiritual, it feels more like the direct “rope” to all because when you say spiritual it has the sound of a science but this is not science at all, it’s more like an intrinsic understanding of things, not with the heart, not with the brain, but with what you may call “soul”.

Now during this process (which hasn’t stopped yet) I felt an enormous disconnection with the human race, one would think how come, aren’t you supposed to feel more connected? I don’t know what “went wrong” but what I feel is not a connection with the human side but rather a connection with the ethereal side of human life, I connect strongly with higher selves at this point sometimes to a conflicting point where I don’t get along with the person I am talking to but then I connect with their higher self and they react to it like magnets (in a positive manner).

When people ask me about “ascension news” I  do believe that this is a very conflicting time for many people, because I see the Higher Self trying to come through and to express itself but most people don’t listen to it, and there is currently a very strong clash between positive and negative energy.

The “primal” or “primitive” side is being fed very strongly on those that have not yet opened up to the program and I can see them reveal into very unbalanced creatures, mostly driven by carnal desires or egoism. You will say “But Humans have always been like this”, note I am not talking about personality traits, no this is something way bigger, perhaps while some people are now receiving a balancing program others are being “set back” to a more primitive state of mind. Before you say that I am judging, yes I am judging and I am happy I do, I judge because I have values and believe in a thing called morals. You are free to be as liberal and “non judgmental” as you wish, I am free to judge aswell.

Now here is the most interesting part, I believe that at this point there will be major changes and we will know be able to separate the “gold from the silver” in terms of karmic history and attitude. Some people ask me “I don’t know why I am have such a bad life” I like to answer back ” That’s why you have it”. Once you know, you will start to see a change, if you damage yourself and others and you don’t see what you are doing its perfectly normal that your life will never change.

Others tell me ” I did bad things in the past and now I don’t want to live with guilt”. Why not? Do you think you deserve to live without it after what you did? Guilt is the reflection of your actions and it is there to teach, guide, and evolve. Why not embrace this feeling and evolve with it embracing you? Because it hurts you? But look at the balance, at the fairness of it. Isn’t it fair?

Or the sentence ” You should do that because maybe karma will compensate you for it”. One simple question, imagine that you knew that karma would punish you for giving food to a homeless, would you stop giving him food? If your answer is yes do not further ask why your life is not being a positive one. Things come from pure intention and fair intention not from all the money or material things you will collect from them as a result.

People who pray because they are afraid to “go to hell” as as weakminded and uninteresting to “the guys up there” than those who steal cars or rob others. Why would I compare these too? Because the answer to everything in life s intention. Intention is the most pure reflection of your nature and spirit, do not doubt it, understand it from its core.

Finally coming to the conclusion of all this, you are now fully being reborn, yes some people are, very few people are. They are being reborn into a new state of mind and being, from scratch. If you don’t remember most things and you wonder “why am I not able to remember what I did last week?” its because “they” decided to erase some “images” from your “disk” and installed the newest version of “learn how to live”. Congratulations. I know the feeling of “I should visit a shrink” is tempting but let me be here for you and tell you, don’t. They will never be as crazy as you, and that is a pretty good thing.
Now to all those that feel more and more disconnected to the human race but feel very connected to the souls, and the etheric aspects, please know, you will soon understand everything you need to know but never try to force it. Right now I am retiring a bit from my thoughts into the woods, I feel it is a good place to “reboot”.

And for the last paragraph I want to add this, there will be massive psychic attacks in the next couple of days and when I say massive I mean massive. Last night I experienced one of the strongest I ever had, and was close to a heart attack. My advice is to take this subject very seriously because it can be painful and dangerous, if you can use sea / ocean salt and cover your body directly with it to clean yourself.

That being said, I hope you liked the update on ascension news and  wish you all a beautiful walk on your path and be good.


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New Age Scam – 10 facts about “Lieworkers” & the New Age Scam

“Lieworker: Someone who is drawn to hypocrisy, intolerant and constantly naming principles that are not respected by it’s performer”


Let’s face it, after the “Ascension boom” in the end of 2012 the channelers and sites are pretty much going under. If you have some decent knowledge about google analytics and SEO you will quickly notice that the New Age Era is over.

This also means that the New Age Scam and scamming techniques are more visible than ever (it’s like one of those scenarios where you parked your car in a forbidden place and on the next day when all the other cars are gone it became quite obvious…)

Those who have not yet packed their bags are too afraid to crawl out of the massive hole they have dug themselves, similar to gamers who have spent 10.000 $ in the casino and still haven’t won yet, they think they will because they are too afraid to accept that they went the wrong way.

In busyness and in our social life it is valuable to know the limits, especially when we put others at risk.

This is no longer a reality that only affects us, it may affect those who “read” you, those who love you and even those who don’t.

I have no clue where all this is going since there are always one eyed people ready to lead the blind and those who see are too intelligent to waste their time talking to the masses, they either read books or disappear in the woods to study from nature’s laws.

New age scammers instead have a need to present themselves to the masses, they simply cannot live without it.

What would make a person so “crown greedy” you ask?

Ask yourself, what would lead you to have the same posture?

There are many varieties, either it is for recognition, or because they feel lonely or simply because the “black list of sins” they practiced has grown so big that they need to cover it up with large amounts of cheap words and attention.

I was fortunate enough to grow up in a circle of genius minds, not meaning that I converted to one myself but I learned how I wanted  to become in my dreams, even if I only had 10% of it I would be incredibly happy.

To me a genius is not one that spits out fancy words like a machine but rather a person that is way too old for it’s early age.

Someone who can detect the details rather than paying attention to the big monsters crying.

“Crocodile tears” always get what they want.

Do they?

You would be surprised what karma is about to teach you.

I have learned that not everything that sparkles is gold, worse than that IF it sparkles just run away because it probably will try to take your sparkling abilities away.

Most people lack on self-esteem so if they see a potential beautiful soul they will not gently tolerate it, they will attempt to consume it.

That said, and it might seem unrelated to this post, what are “Lieworkers” ?

10 Facts about Lieworkers and the New Age Scam

1)  Lieworkers basic signature “Love and Light” (even if they hate you from the bottom of their heart (if they have one).

2) Recycled channeling material over and over again with sentences like “ The vibrations are increasing” or “ ascension is now taking place” (but it could take 500 years more).

3) Large collection of minerals, crystals and stones, the bigger and more expensive, the better, list them on their facebook to make sure everyone sees them ( see African children needing food and close the add pretending its spam).

4)  “ There is no good or bad “ I am glad that most people don«t have any political power otherwise our corrupted world would escalate to something even more dramatical. Ask yourself if a person who tortures, cheats, or kills for fun is a “neutral” person. New Age scam, typical as always.

5) “ I will give you a reading for 100$ or 200$ get it really cheap for 400$ ”  I am guessing you know that a doctor in my country (which is in Europe by the way) gets a salary of maybe 15$ a hour. I am trying to understand if you save lives, operate heart conditions or help deliver babies if you charge those amounts.

6) Tolerance is very important but dare NOT have a different opinion from mine.

7) I have ascended into this and that and now I feel like a much better person (you are still closing the African children adds…)

8) If you say something contrary you are probably either a “freak” or a “psycho” but I am sure that you may even be the anti-christ. Just make sure you smile and do not give your honest opinion. Good boy.

9) In order to ascend you need to meditate, open your third eye, pierce your eye brows with a rusty nail while you sing “alleluia” 35 times in the “OM” tone. If you don’t do that you will never ascend.

(If you think I am exaggerating with this description you would be amused to know that there are some people suggesting you you touch your anus while you meditate in order to activate your third eye…)

10) I can do sex with 10 people at the same time because there are no sins and everything is love and light.

I have a good story for you, I have a friend who is a quite famous photographer, for magazines and erotic models. He has a wife and a 2 year old boy and they are in an open relationship (she never does anything but he likes to go out with 2 or 3 women in one night).

She was always smiling and when I asked her why she tolerated it she answered me “ I love him “.

Over 8 months later she hanged herself in the living room.

He came to me and asked “ Why did she do that….I loved her so much….”

You love, you respect.

You love, you don’t cheat.

You love, you don´t hurt.



What it seems to me is that all those apparent “happy” Love and Light people are fooling themselves into a system that is not working out, neither for them or for those they love.

Another sentence I am constantly hearing “ Move on and let go”.

You know, this world is in the miserable state it is in exactly because almost everyone thinks

“ Move on and let go”.

Who cares, right? Let me hide under the chair and make sure I am safe when the tidal wave comes, the rest doesn’t really matter.

It’s the answer of the weak, of the egoists, of the selfish souls.

That’s why ascension and elevation are such different terms.

The era of scamming will be over, more and more people will get old and when they are close to their last breath they have no other option but the be honest to themselves and say:

“Look what I have done, so many wrong things and I didn’t correct any of them, now I am old, what do I got? What will I take with me? Lies and illusions? This is for what I lived?”

If you dug your hole, into being a “Lieworker” or if you fell into the Lie workers holes, do not be afraid to come out again, you will not be alone, you will not feel lonely, you will be guided by your heart, your soul, and gods beautiful energy, and you will understand…

“Truth is the only way to happiness”

“Obama murder” – The “sirian hero” detroned ?

Wow, sometimes I ask myself if people get rich for being ignorant.

Last year I saw all the “ashtar” posts saying ” Obama the hero” and “Obama the sirian great soul” and even some other interesting comments like “Obama is Jesus”.

If you didn’t smoke weed when you wrote this please don’t, trust me you are crazy enough.

After the “Obama trial” was approved now comes the ” Thanks for trusting me and now if you excuse me let me fuck up innocent people because I am bored, oh and bring your petrol may come handy”.

( Don’t like my post? Good thing, I don´t like liars so please leave before it gets contagious)

I never defended the “holy man” but also never insulted him (before) but after this great exmple of his honorable “heart” and a “Nobel” for killing people I have to say, it’s sad that you underestimate karma.

Oh and hats of to Mr. Putin who (as a libra what more can you expect from such a noble sign?) played his game with incredible finesse.

( We can move on to the gay rights subject in teh next chapter…)

You need to know one thing, Russia is not a country you can step on especialy when you have a man that big as a captain. 

As for Obama, puppet number 1263749500000, you don’t even get to disapoint me because you never fooled me in first place.

I like to get surprised but you really have no talent as a clown.



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Rafael’s healin…

Rafael’s healing: At night I kindly called Rafael to help me heal my body. (I wonder what others feel when they request angel healing?). I always get this extreme feeling of “heavyness” like an incredibly strong force coming down and sometimes I get so dizzy its very hard to mantain it like that. Then I get pain in certain places (feels like someone is “fixing” me) and I see this emerald green color. I wouldnt say it feels nice, actualy it feels like someone gave you an injection but you know it will help. On the next day (the last time) I wen to the toilet over 20 times…(no I didn’t drink 20 bottles of water neither do I generate incredible amounts of water inside…) it was simply the body releasing all the “bad stuff”. Back to the sensation, it makes me dizzy, I feel upset stomach and pressure on the head chakra. Then something interesting, my face itches like someone is tickling it with a feather and the feeling of ” OMG I want to scratch it, now! ” Unfotunately not a good idea because, remember, Rafael and his team are working on you 🙂

I thought Id share this with you guys since it is a very unique feeling. If you want to know more about it you can check here: http://sirianheaven.wordpress.com/

Isabel has a post somewere about healing with Rafael (not sure where but if you seek you shall find)

Spying on gate keepers / masters / starseeds and all rest.

I havent posted in a long time now and my english is terrible at the moment so excuse me for wrong spellings. 

Before writing this I wasnt sure if I should or not post it but since I am hoping for some type of reaction I will try and see what hapens.

My family has been spied on for over 6 months now (probably longer but thats how much we know for sure). Our mobile phones and normal phone both were manipulated so that they could hear when we talk.

Both our houses were robed several times now, interesting fact? They didn’t steal anything but they looked inside the drawers for documents.

Why would someone rob a house and take nothing? I have to add my family collects antiques and they could have taken them and sold them but that was not the case.

I know the answer to this as my HS (Higher self) makes it obvious.

What I also know is that I am not the only affected person, there seems to be some “sort” of organization who knows what they are looking for from a certain “type” of person.

I am aware that I have no clue though what this all is about, maybe just an idea… (maybe you can help me out here).

More scenarios occured but I don’t want to share them here, I know I would only feed the rats with it. 

For those who read this and feel ” this is it, this message is for me ” ( many people tell me that they are guided to certain posts on this blog even though they are only recently indexed or even quite hard to google…) I want to deliver this message:

Do not share your spiritual identity with anyone, via internet, phone or any other method. Trust me you will thank me later for it.

I now KNOW why Michael doesnt want to tell me and also all the others forbid me to know. Not only that they induced me in error on purpose because they wanted to give me something to “chew on” so I wouldn’t keep asking, they protected me like brothers and sisters, I am grateful for that and I understand and respect that.

From a personal “interior” level I understand that some sort of “whitchunting” has begun and it became VERY intense. There may be no fire and this time we don’t get to see their faces but if you feel what I feel, you KNOW what I am talking about.

Note; I know a lot of things (how and why? No idea, maybe you can tell me ) things that you will not read, nor google, nor receive from channelings, structural things that channelers are not told because they would either share it without it being a policaly good idea to do so or because they simply are responsible for other areas. (Why am I saying this?) because I want to make clear that my subjects are not about “love and light” but about knowledge. 

I don’t believe in 3000 words long texts that have absolutely no content. Reminds me of those paintings where you make a stroke of collor and imediately are an “artist”.

You will not read all the typical over and over recycled emotionaly “dressed” words that you WANT to read. This is not about what you like to hear but about what you need to hear. I am incredibly practical and would like to clarify, this is a place where you will find information that has probably not yet even be indexed or discovered on the internet but probably is in some old books or memories, (again I don’t know).

If you feel ofended by my text or blog or posts that is not of my busyness and to be honest, I don’t write for others to “love” me, but there are enough people who do and try so hard to achieve it, I don’t need your love, but I may ask for your respect, towards everyone, especialy yourself. 

Back to the subject, I may ask you to think for yourself and besides reading what others say, read your own mind first.

If you found this post this is a call for you to stand up and not become the sheep. If you are afraid of being lonely, you are most certainly not alone, everyone is. 

But you “only have one life” if you are not honest and true with yourself now you will die as a liar. 

Harsh post? The violet force is not only about love, it is about transmutation and to transmute also means to stand on your own feet, to acess strenght (not power) and to reach out for the values of justice and honesty. 

( Side note: If you think the angels and keepers of this ray are all about love let me tell you that they are more concerned with people being unfair or unable to forgive themselves and others). 

Anyhow I hope I have not harmed some “sensitive ascended souls” here. Have a nice day and be happy, because happy souls do great things. 


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